Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ambrosia Earrings

Artist Statement: When I started making the Ambrosia style earrings I always told myself that if they proved to be popular I would do them in another colour - I had seen a place that sold them hand-dyed (more expensive than normal ones, but too beautiful to pass up). Well, to my delight, they have been popular (thankyou to everyone who has bought and loved them!), and so I present them in a colour I have dubbed "Midnight" - a really dark blue that sometimes appears to be black.

I'm offering them with two choices for the earring findings - silver or black. The black nickel blends better with the colour of the feathers, but as many people are sensitive to the plating that colours a lot of jewellery components (me being one of them!), I'm also doing them in silver - meaning the filigrees and other parts are silver-plated, and the ear hooks are sterling silver, at no extra cost.

From the top of the ear hook to the bottom of the longest feather measures 20cm (8 inches), the width at its fullest is 11-12cm (approx. 5.5 inches).

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