Thursday, September 18, 2008

Going Down the Twirly Slide

Going Down the Twirly Slide by Ms Belle

Artist Statement: These earrings are just plain fun with a completely carefree apprearance and style. They remind me of the slide my son always likes to go down when we visit the park--the big tall twirly slide!

I hand forged and hammered sterling silver wire to create these whimsical earrings. To wear them, insert the spiral end through your piercing, either through the front or back side, and turn them until they reach the top bend which then rests in the ear. (I can create these in a smaller gauge wire if you have smaller piercings. They can also be created in goldfill if you prefer.)

The total length is approximately 1 15/16 to 2 inches (around 50mm). They are roughly 1/2 inch (13mm) wide. Each of these measurements may vary slightly. As with all handmade items, expect some slight variation from piece to piece and pair to pair.

If you prefer these in goldfill, just put a message in the 'note to seller' during checkout and I will create these for you in goldfill. Please allow 24 hours for creation of your handmade twirly slide earrings!

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