Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Goddess Gown

Artist Statement: Yards and yards of gorgeous iridescent shot rayon turquoise/aqua bengaline faille make up the base for this glorious Goddess gown. Many features exclusive to this gown only include:

* A full hank of silver lined Montana Czech rocailles.

* Almost a hank of faceted translucent Montana Czech Charlottes.

* Vitrail Crystal Swarovski Fairy beads with light aqua luster Miyukis and capri blue pearl accents.

* Hand made eyelets for the lacing holes.

* Hand crocheted and wound cording to custom cut once you get it on and lace it to your liking.

* Beaded leaf and Damask rose accents scattered liberally as the whim dictates on skirt, sleeves and cascading from the back lacing.

* Huge Deco style focal design on left breast and beaded bound neckline.

* Hand hemmed.

* Beautiful silky fringed selvedge edge left as is on sleeves.

This is the only one. Ever.

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queenlint1 said...

I am honored to be chosen for your blog! So impressed with your finds - I'll be linking to you!

Many thanks for the nod!