Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beaded Blyth Doll

Artist Statement: Beautiful Blythe doll covered in seed beads. Her auburn hair is African braided with black extensions. Her eyes no longer change colors, but she does have an extra eye on the back of her head. It's brown.

This is a truly spectacular, one of a kind art piece.

Let me tell you how I came to bead a Blythe doll. I had beaded a Dunny which you can see on my esty shop or on my website I took it out to Brooklyn to show to Tristan Easton who designed the dunny shape for Kidrobot. He loved it and gave me some other toys to cover and challenged me to do Blythe. At first I didn't think I could and I lived with her for a while before I figured out how to approach her. The beads I used on her face are the size I usually use, #11s. But her body is so skinny that I had to use teeny beads, I think they're #15s. I started out by taking her to an African hair salon to be braided, they didn't blink an eye when I asked for extensions and braid and they did a fantastic job. I sent them a pic of the finished piece.

As for the meaning of this piece, I leave that up to the viewers and I really do appreciate all of your comments. Yeah, she is kinda scary, but she's a benevolent goddess, believe me! And, yeah, she's crazy expensive and I doubt that she'll ever sell. I put my work up on etsy mostly to expose it and get feedback. I've sold a few (very expensive) pieces and, to be honest, it's really hard for me to part with them. I've also shown them in museums.

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Liane said...

You have a lot of patience, don't you? But it paid off, she really is amazing! I hope she sells. Congrats! :D
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