Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three Graces Pin

Artist Statement: The stark, clean lines on this cameo has made it one of my favorites over the years. The detail is just wonderful as well, making it a popular design with my customer base as well. :)

This is a 40x30mm cameo, white on a cool, soft mint green. Set in a bright silver-tone scrollwork pin-back setting, it makes for a cameo suited for casual and more formal ensembles.

In Greek Mythology, the Three Graces, otherwise known as the Charites, were handmaidens to Aphrodite, speculated to be the daughters of Dionysus, according to Homer. The embodiments of human grace, they were named Thalia (good cheer), Aglaea (beauty), and Euphrosyne (mirth).

Also, according to some experts in cameos, this design was replicated from an original piece fabricated around 1909.

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The Ebon Swan said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! That's still one of my favorite cameos of all time.