Friday, August 8, 2008

Planet Claire

Artist Statement: "Planet Claire" is a pair of pieces which can be worn either as pendants or brooches, using the fittings on the back.

The two pieces are made from found, corroded steel, set in silver and the steel is directly set with a moonstone, champagne diamonds, garnets, and peridots. The large disc is 6cm (2.5") across and the small is 4cm (1.5"). The champagne diamonds are very lively and have a good "fire", which is not so apparent in these pictures.

This set of pieces also comes with two silver chains, fastened with magnetic clasps and set with raw garnet beads. The chains are 50cm (20") and 55cm (22") each and can be easily joined together to make a long chain.

One of the features of this set is that each disc can be either a pendant or a brooch and the chains can be used to link the discs while they are being worn. The pictures give some idea of the possibilities.

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