Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pattern - Steering Wheel Cozy

Artist Statement: This is a crochet pattern for a steering wheel cozy, which keeps your paws protected from hot steering wheels during summer, and freezing steering wheels during winter. It offers you a cushy grip, and will show off your crafty skills! :) Steering wheel cover and pattern designed by me.

What a great idea! Im going to need a new one for summer, but I don't think my crochet skills are quite up to this level. The only thing I would worry about is fit and slippage, but I think you could probably adjust 'on the spot' as it were, if your crochet skills were good enough.


flyingblogspot said...

You two should add the new 'Following' widget so people can favourite you easily!

whoozqueen said...

Im definitely adding it as soon as its available. Tis being rolled out to everyone over the next couple of weeks, apparently.