Tuesday, August 5, 2008

$cientology Monkey Magnet Set

Artist Statement: Once upon a time this was a sad monkey. He couldn't achieve what he wanted out of life and felt that a part of him was missing.

One day, when walking back home from his thankless job, he was approached by a woman in a smart blue sweater vest. The woman asked if he was unhappy and would like to take a free stress test. When the monkey replied he was, and he would, he was whisked away into a funny smelling demonstration tent and hooked up to a "religious artifact" known as an E-meter. After being asked lots of asinine questions and remembering how happy Tom Cruise looked denouncing Prozac, the monkey realized that his key to happiness and what was missing in his life was Scientology!

Now Mr. Monkey and his banana pal Thetan wander the great United States spreading the joy of Scientology wherever they go.

We all know how much Scientologists like to sue people, so grab this magnet set while you can!
The set includes Mr. Monkey with his banana pal Thetan and his four favorite Scientology phrases.

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