Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vintage Victor Costa Velvet Wrap Dress

Vintage Dress 1960-70s,
designer Victor Costa black Velvet Wrap Dress
being sold by GoodEye

Artist Statement: This is a fine example of the mid 60s to 70s classic shape, for evening and special occasion wear. I have seen other versions of this cut...wrapped and ruffled... by several other design houses producing garments during this period. It is a always a very sexy and FEMININE of my favorites.

This dress is make of black velvet: has a very long taffeta tie-belt & belt loops: lace ruffles all around front, back, hem and sleeves.

It wraps close in front, with a simple hook and eye. It has long sleeves which should stop bit above the wrist. It has a closed skirt taffeta lining, and requires dry-cleaning only. The Victor Costa label is intact.

Neck Warmer

Artist Statement: Unique and Handmade Neck Warmer made with stripes of different fabrics in grey and brown tones (cotton, hand dyed newspaper print cotton, milleraies velvet, fake leather stripes, polyester). The inside is made of light brown knit fabric. Wear it inside at home, outside in the cold... To enhance or change your look! One size fits all!

I want to know how much the hot french man is. Phwoar. *ahem* Lovely neckwarmer.

Small Monster Shoes

Artist Statement: These handpainted Converse All-Star high-tops are children's US 2 / UK 1.5 / EU 33.5. They have been decorated with acrylic paint and Faber-Castell pens; vibrant green-and-pink dinosaurs tromp across the outer sides, and three little polka dots speckle each toe.

Small Monster have listings for women's heels and other styles, so if you'd like a different design, go to the link above and have a chat with them. Am very tempted myself to get some adult converses and bung a dino on them. Grrarrro!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pattern - Steering Wheel Cozy

Artist Statement: This is a crochet pattern for a steering wheel cozy, which keeps your paws protected from hot steering wheels during summer, and freezing steering wheels during winter. It offers you a cushy grip, and will show off your crafty skills! :) Steering wheel cover and pattern designed by me.

What a great idea! Im going to need a new one for summer, but I don't think my crochet skills are quite up to this level. The only thing I would worry about is fit and slippage, but I think you could probably adjust 'on the spot' as it were, if your crochet skills were good enough.

Friday, August 29, 2008

soft fibre bracelets

Artist Statement: A super soft lightweight bracelet in your favourite colour! I make these bracelets from merino, cotton and silk yarn, all hand dyed in a beautiful range of colours. They are accented with beads in complementary colours and fasten with a handmade hook clasp. So light and comfy you won't even know you are wearing them! These bracelets look great by themselves and amazing when you stack several together! They measure roughly 7 3/4 inches around, this will fit most normal sized wrists. If you need them resized, just let me know!

Ribbon Button Headband

Artist Statement: A Gazzu original design... This headband in Grape Splash was handcrafted using various ribbons over cotton fabric covered buttons and are securely attached to a No-Damage or “Ouchless” Goody Brand headband.

This size headband is for children, however, you can order a style of headband in the colours and size that you would prefer. Go to Gazzu's store through the link above to take a look at the many wonderful colour combinations that she has made in this style. I love the textural patterns.

The Unicorn

Artist Statement: Magic and stardust will follow you wherever you go when wearing the Silver Unicorn. And if trouble follows it will make a mystifying weapon as well.

The ring is cast in sterling silver. Available in custom sizes, just send a message with the ring size specifications. (Above, shown in gold.)

One for You, One for the Dog

Artist Statement: These pieces are truly one-of-a-kind. You won’t find a duplicate anywhere. The specs are:

Color: True red leather with black, khaki, lime green, olive green and yellow hand cut flowers and silver/metal accents.

Size: Dog Collar - neck size of 14"-18" Matching Cuff - 9.5" long with one set of adjustable snaps. This cuff will fit an approx. 6.5-7.5" wrist (+/-).

Unique Characteristics: This set is 1" wide made from a full grain recycled leather belt. I cut each flower out by hand from scrap leather and piled one on top of another to make a layered effect. Then I attached them all together on the bands with a silver rivet. On the cuff there are two tiny metal spots on either side of the slightly larger flower. On the collar, the buckle from the original belt was removed and replaced by a dog friendly 2-bar buckle and D-ring.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

1952 Vogue Knitting Pattern

Artist Statement: This 1952 USA VOGUE pattern is for a lovely crocheted stole with deep fringe.

SIZE: 19 inches x 70 inches

MATERIALS: Columbia Fingering Yarn, 14 1-oz. balls. No. 8 aluminum crochet hook.

GAUGE: 5 patterns = 2 inches

The seller has a bunch of vintage knitting patterns to diiiie for. Go check them out, now!

Long Wrap Skirt

Artist Description: A-Line (skirt). Made from: 100% tie dye cotton with manual cloth stripes. All of the skirts are made by me. I have been a sewer for 35 years. I used the sewing machine likes (model) to use foot spurns not mass produced.

This skirt can be wrapped 2 different ways different patterns by wrapping to the left or to the right.

Adjustable Skirt: ONE SIZE
Perfect for many occasion.

Waist: Total top hem before wrap: 44 inch or 110 cm.
Belt Length : 42 inch or 105 cm
Skirt length: 37 inch or 92.5 cm.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Unique Character Digital Portrait

Artist Statement: This listing is for one original digital portrait commission done by me. Ever wanted to see yourself morphed into a creepy awesome character? Well here's your chance! Know that the finished piece very well might end up looking nothing like you, but that's what makes it so cool!

Convo me with details for this commission, and send any images you may have for me to refer to. Also, you can take a look through my gallery if you want something similar to one of my pieces. This listing is for a portrait though, so nothing full body.

Allow up to 2 weeks for the finished piece. This also requires a large QUALITY photo of yourself. I cannot work with small pixelated images. If you want to know if I can work with yours before you purchase, send it over in a convo and I'll let you know.

The finished portrait will be emailed to you in JPG format. I can make a high quality 8x10 print for an extra charge.

Vintage Czech Glass Choker

Artist Statement: This is my personal fav! It is made from all VINTAGE pieces (except the chain and ribbon). The center piece is a recycled broach =) The ribbon ties around the neck and is all satin. The end are burned so there will be no unraveling! ;) This piece fits more like a choker and would be a stunning additional to any outfit!! Its very speacial and ONE OF A KIND.

Moss Green Victorian Inspired Shoulder Wrap

Artist Statement: This Victorian Inspired Shoulder Wrap is the perfect solution to adding a little coverage whilst also adding a stunning romantic aesthetic to your finished outfit.

This piece simply wraps around the back of your neck, goes under your arms and ties with ribbon ties at the sentre of your back. It would look stunning over a victorian style blouse or would work perfect as that little cover up number for your little black dress or victorian style lace blouse! It has a woven texture in stunning moss green and frames the face with a high collar neckline.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Docteur de Sorciere

Artist Statement: The Docteur de Sorciere. This is a miniature top hat that is covered in black lace and includes a black ostrich feather, hand curled and dyed goose feathers, pheasant vertebrae, a silver moth and a black sequin ruffle band around the middle.

This hat also includes a ribbon on each side that you can tie around the back of your hair or under your chin.

Each hat is unique and no two are exactly the same, so this is a limited edition piece!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Clickety Clack Necklace

Artist Statement: The clickety clack of the newsroom - the industrious, productive sound of creativity - the nostalgic sound of the typewriter! This piece measures 2.25" x 2" and swings from a strong, high quality 16" oxidized sterling silver chain

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Geometric Pinafore

Artist Statement: Why do I love this Pinafore?

-It is so easy to fit and can be worn for a very long time.

-It can start out as a dress, and be worn later as a top.

-It looks great alone or with jeans, leggings, tights, long sleeves, short sleeves, you name it.

-It makes a great apron for messy little ones.

-It is made with 100% cotton. Warm or cold wash, tumble dry. Warm iron, if needed, but looks great straight from the dryer.

-It was pre-washed with detergent free of dyes and perfumes and made in a smoke-free home. No suprise shrinkage, rashes, or smells.

-All inside seams are finished with a serger. Very professional.

-The tie strap is secured with a button so you won’t lose it the first time it goes through the wash.

-No itchy clothing tags. My kids are very sensitive, so I know how important this is!

Miniature Vegetable Booth

If you like miniatures, or perhaps you like to give your kids some fun accessories to play with their dolls, this lovely miniature vegetable booth opens up lots of story ideas. It could even be a great present for someone who works in the fresh food industry for their desk.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three Graces Pin

Artist Statement: The stark, clean lines on this cameo has made it one of my favorites over the years. The detail is just wonderful as well, making it a popular design with my customer base as well. :)

This is a 40x30mm cameo, white on a cool, soft mint green. Set in a bright silver-tone scrollwork pin-back setting, it makes for a cameo suited for casual and more formal ensembles.

In Greek Mythology, the Three Graces, otherwise known as the Charites, were handmaidens to Aphrodite, speculated to be the daughters of Dionysus, according to Homer. The embodiments of human grace, they were named Thalia (good cheer), Aglaea (beauty), and Euphrosyne (mirth).

Also, according to some experts in cameos, this design was replicated from an original piece fabricated around 1909.

Sea Urchin Ring

Artist Statement: Living in Turkey has some big advantages, like the beautiful abandoned beaches with just you, the sea and the blue sky. During our long beach walks, we often find all kind of treasures as sea urchins and shells.

This ring is one of the treasures born of our findings. We clean the sea urchins, fill them with polyurethane foam and cover them with epoxy to make them strong and shiny. We used multicolored thread to adorn the sea urchin and a glass rhinestone in the centre to finish the piece.

Japanese Style Twin Set

Artist Statement: Boutiqueprincessnbows Introduces our Japanese Pettiskirt set 2 PC SET

Pettiskirt fits size 2-solid 4t and has an adjustable waist
shirt you can get in long or shortsleeve, in any size from 2-6

If you'd like the pettiskirt in another size, please inquire to see if it is available or can be ordered.

Diamond Sky

Artist Statement: This is a large free form hand embroidered piece. It is a diamond with multi coloured stitching and a recycled sari silk feature.

15 cm X 10 cm
6 in X 4 in
(measured from tip to tip of the felt backing)

It would make a eye catching feature attached to the front of a dress, or stitched to the back of a jacket or coat.

This is a one of a kind work.

Buddha in the Garden

Artist Statement: This distinctive bracelet will set you apart on all occasions and any gathering. This very limited edition, wearable art is both bold and feminine. It calls forward a time of grace and sensuality. This piece, titled "Buddha in the Garden" is floral in theme. It includes hand crafted roses of silk ribbon among an assortment of Swarovski crystals and beautiful Czech bead work. The rhinestone chains add a continuous flow to the feel of the piece. The hand dyed lace appliqué is the base for this rich, jeweled, bed of flowers.

Mars Bar Earrings

For those days when you feel like chocolate but don't reeeeally want to eat something so rich? Ah, who am I kidding? Pass the mars bar and be quick about it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Running Horse

Artist Statement: This running horse was made in clay first. Then I made a mold from the clay piece.

Using the age-old process of gravity casting, I melted the metal and poured it into the mold. After cooling it was filed and textured. It has an antiqued hand hammered and hand polished finish. The pendant is an inch tall and about an inch and 1/2 wide. It is strung on a brown 18 inch leather cord with lobster clasp. The piece is signed on the back.

I also have tan, and black leather cord and I can cut it to any length you want.

If you need a different cord length just let me know in note to seller at the time of purchase.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Terrariums as Gifts

Terrarium by Whoozqueen

Whilst I was zooming around the other day, trying to find more material for the blog, I happened upon a store that sold terrariums. My partner spotted them, and said, "Ooh, if you're struggling for ideas for my birthday, I wouldn't mind one of those!". Great, I thought, something I can put together if I find the right container and the plants and its quite a different present to give.

Amazingly, I found exactly the type of glass jar that I envisioned for the project - sealed lid, with a curved top, so that the water would condense then drip down onto the plants - and it only cost $7 from one of those bargain shops. You could do this with a recycled jar, or in a smaller jar if you want. Mine is about 30cms high, and I probably could have done with a little more height.

Okay, so get some rocks or pebbles for the bottom layer. Add in charcoal and a bit of coconut fibre (or get a little layer mat made especially for the bottom of pot plants like I did). You won't need to buy exta soil, I found that the stuff that was on the plants was more than sufficient.

Speaking of which, I bought two small baby's tears creepers and a viola plant for the terrarium. Small, slow growing plants that like a bit of light, but not too much. Underneath the viola, I popped a little surprise...a realistic ceramic green frog. It gives the jar a bit of 'life'.

Thanks to Mel, for letting me invade her kitchen to set it up, the present was well worth the week of figuring out how to do the jar and where to find the materials. Pete was absolutely delighted and I must admit it does look pretty cool.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Monster Pendulum Wall Clock

Artist Statement: The body of this large pendulum wall clock is an arrangement of 3"x3" colorful painted squares on a deep magenta background board. The "monster" squares were painted by my son, Jonah. The face is lime green with black handpainted numbers and deep magenta accents. The pendulum swings behind the circular window and leaves plenty of space for your wall color to show through! Please note: The pendulum on this clock is decorative (not tied to timekeeping). It will swing but may need an occasional gentle push.
This clock is a stunning, original, one of a kind creation at a great price! Ready to hang.

It measures 11" x 33½", is equipped with a quartz clockwork and runs on a single AA battery (included).

Signed on the back by the artist (Mary Potts/Jonah Potts).

We guarantee our clocks for a full 5 years.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Artist Statement: This is a really soft necklace made of pure merino wool, made with hand made wet felt.

It has 22 great felted beads:
6 small + 8 medium + 8 large

The predominant colors are brown, blue, beige and deep red. You don't need to unbutton it to put on, but you can do that if you want. ;) From end to end the measurement is about 70cm (27.6").

Black and White Lady Ring

Artist Statement: This fantastic ring is completely handmade and is sterling silver. The face is bezel set and soldered to a solid silver ring shank. It is available in black or red. Please allow for variation as each ring is handmade. I will gladly custom make this ring for you in any size.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Purple and Red Evening Bag

Artist Statement: This one-of-a-kind purse is hand-stitched and embellished. Though I have a wonderful sewing machine, I chose to enjoy the process of hand piecing, embroidering and otherwise embellishing and assembling. (The two tubular velvet loop handles were sewn by machine and attached by hand.)

Rich purple velvet evening pouch is reminiscent of Victorian style. Four shield-shaped crazy quilt panels each feature a different garden theme in repeated purple fabrics with accents of deep reds, greens and golds. The panels are backed with purple silk and the pouch is lined with a “satiny” purple fabric. Purple cord drawstring has a lovely gold filigree slider. A dark red 5 ½ inch tassel drapes elegantly from the bottom. The pouch itself is about seven inches deep. Following are descriptions of the four garden panels (extensive description on link above).

Chain of Fools necklace

One of my favourite Etsy peeps, this woman is as fierce as f**k. Seriously, go look at her other stuff. Its not that the items themselves are particularly innovative, but that she is so compelling to look at and wonder what her life must be like. LOVE her.

Your Secret is Safe with Me

Artist Statement: For you most secret of secrets. Keep them under lock and key in this silver plated locket.

The silhouetted image of a Victorian key is set into the locket under glass for a quality and enduring finish.

The locket itself is beautifully detailed both inside and out. It's around 3.5 cm tall and hangs from a 24 inch silver plated chain necklace.

Hanging next to the clasp is a tiny silver plate and glass Mymble's Daughter crow charm.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Girl in the Moon

Artist Statement: This pendant features a photo of a beautifully illustrated antique poster for a magic act called "Herrmann the Great" from 1898...Herrmann was espeically well known for his "Maid in the Moon" illusion, which the poster apparantly depicts.

20% of all sales go directly to the charity of your choice (see list below)...Please make a note when purchasing the item which charity you would like the proceeds to go to.

Doctors Without Borders:
Save the Children:
American Red Cross:
Susan G Komen for the Cure:
National Breast Cancer Found.:
The Children's Health Fund:
The Nature Conservancy:
AIDS Research Alliance:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Glistening Mosaic Earrings

Artist Statement: 14K Gold filled thick wire TEARDROPS flatten and filled with VIBRANT SPARLING mosaic of GREAT QUALITY PINK /RASPBERRY garnet , Swiss topaz , IOLITE , grape amethyst micro faceted rondelles , ultra glowing BLUE(LAVENDER) step faceted ovals AND ASSCHER KITE BRIOS , gorgeous pink rose quartz MARQUISE PUFF BRIOLETTE threaded on fine gold filled wire . The gems are GLISTENING &SHINING with your every move .. 2 1/4" full length including the 14K GF EARWIRE .. The color palette JUST AMAZING ,VERY FEMININE & DELICATE and super light ..

Seahorse Earrings

Artist Statement: have created this earrings with an inspiration from the seahorses. The color of brass and stone will create the vintage look.

Coral symbolizes life and blood force energy.

Turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets, and was also known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures.

The size of the earrings are about 3 inches long.

If Found, Please Call...

Artist Statement: Picture this.. your in the park..having a double tall chatting with Erika about her single- mom -amped-up-sex drive and.. lo and behold..little Andy has toddled away among the trees and jungle gyms. Don't fret..Just be sure he is wearing this onesie! A handy way to keep tabs on your toddler!

Sterling Silver Spiral Earrings

Artist Statement: These beautiful hand coiled earrings evoke a primitive feeling, connecting the wearer with something that spans thousands of years and cultures. Created from hand formed 16g sterling silver wire and 20g sterling silver these earrings measure 2" in length.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Harlequin Bag

Artist Statement: Harley Quinn is decked out in diamonds – diamond shapes that is. She is quite possibly the perfect size bag. She has bamboo handles (how green of her) that are attached with leather tabs and antiqued brass grommets. She is hand-knit in an interlocking seamless entrelac pattern out of 100% wool in spruce, lime heather, and jade, then felted to make her extremely sturdy.

Harley Quinn stands out in a crowd. Whether it is dinner or dancing, she'll get you noticed. She is roomy but not bulky, and can handle toting around your daily essentials with ease.

Harley Quinn is 14" along the widest point at her base. She is 8 1/4" to the top of her diamonds, and 3 1/2" wide at her base, and has 7" diameter handles.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Carnival Glass Earrings

Artist Statement: Made from hand blown Murano glass in teal/blue colour with a teardrop shape with mesmerizing lime green swirls wire wrapped in non-tarnish silver wire. They hang just 3.5cm or 1 1/4inch measured from the top of the 925 silver ear wires.

They come in other colours as well:
~red glass with black&white swirl (shown on last photo)
~topaz colour glass with dark brown swirl
~blue/green swirl patchwork

Solid Perfume Samples

Artist Statement: It is always a good idea to try natural perfumes before committing to a larger purchase, to see how each scent develops when it melds with your unique skin chemistry.

Please choose three of the following perfume samples and leave me a note during the checkout process with your choices:

1) Jasmine Grapefruit
2) Rose Cardamom
3) Cocoa Basil
4) Lime Grotto
5) Fantasy Honey

Samples come in tiny, individual vellum envelopes bound with a bit of of ribbon or lace.

Needlepoint Bobby Pins

Artist Statement: vintage needlepoint earrings are securely attached to a silver-plated bobbie pins.

Byzantine-Medieval style Necklace

Artist Statement: Hand-made costume jewelry in Byzantine - Medieval style.
Center piece 65x50mm. whole length 45cm. One of a kind. Center stone is fused glass, surrounded with amethyst stones and fresh water pearls, combined with polymer clay in gold colour coating. Chain is made from threaded fresh water pearls, amethyst chips and fire-polish glass beads. All findings in antique gold colour are no-nickel plated.

Violet Linen Scarf

Artist Statement: An unexpected and elegant twist on classic linen, in a scarf that you must see and feel to believe! A luxurious scarf of purple and violet wool/silk that is like the finest linen.

I hand knit this beautiful scarf using a soft and fine wool/silk blend that is hand dyed in purple, grape, violet, periwinkle, lavender, lilac, and every shade in between. The intricately small stitch that I used creates a linen-like fabric, framed by a narrow seed stitch border. This lovely scarf is the one you'll want to wear with your very finest, and because it's so lightweight, you can wear it year round. The wool will keep your warm in Winter, and the silk cool in Summer.

82" long and 5" wide. With this length, your options are endless. Incredibly lightweight -- you won't know that you're wearing it!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Planet Claire

Artist Statement: "Planet Claire" is a pair of pieces which can be worn either as pendants or brooches, using the fittings on the back.

The two pieces are made from found, corroded steel, set in silver and the steel is directly set with a moonstone, champagne diamonds, garnets, and peridots. The large disc is 6cm (2.5") across and the small is 4cm (1.5"). The champagne diamonds are very lively and have a good "fire", which is not so apparent in these pictures.

This set of pieces also comes with two silver chains, fastened with magnetic clasps and set with raw garnet beads. The chains are 50cm (20") and 55cm (22") each and can be easily joined together to make a long chain.

One of the features of this set is that each disc can be either a pendant or a brooch and the chains can be used to link the discs while they are being worn. The pictures give some idea of the possibilities.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tread Ring

Artist statement: Get a grip on things with the flavorful tread ring. You can keep your style in constant traction rockin this simple but stylish band. Hand carved, oxidized with burnished highlights for glimmering contrast. A dope band that keeps your style from slippin. Available in mens and womens sizes.

Wood and Metal Candle Sconce

Artist Statement: Love the charm and ambiance of lighting in a home. We've created a wooden sconce with hand tooled iron-metal candle holder. Simple primitive early lighting. Pete has blackened the wood in a special way, gives it a unique flair, then attached the metal-iron-steel candleholder using square nails to complete his original design.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

$cientology Monkey Magnet Set

Artist Statement: Once upon a time this was a sad monkey. He couldn't achieve what he wanted out of life and felt that a part of him was missing.

One day, when walking back home from his thankless job, he was approached by a woman in a smart blue sweater vest. The woman asked if he was unhappy and would like to take a free stress test. When the monkey replied he was, and he would, he was whisked away into a funny smelling demonstration tent and hooked up to a "religious artifact" known as an E-meter. After being asked lots of asinine questions and remembering how happy Tom Cruise looked denouncing Prozac, the monkey realized that his key to happiness and what was missing in his life was Scientology!

Now Mr. Monkey and his banana pal Thetan wander the great United States spreading the joy of Scientology wherever they go.

We all know how much Scientologists like to sue people, so grab this magnet set while you can!
The set includes Mr. Monkey with his banana pal Thetan and his four favorite Scientology phrases.


Artist Statement: I have made it out of red and orange cotton wool with red crochet balls, complex laced labyrinth patterns and two small press buttons as closing.

I love sculptural, wearable art pieces. I know the shape is strange and unfamiliar, but dammit if we wore the same shapes over and over again, we'd get mighty bored very quickly. Step outside the narrow confines of what you can wear and go for something new.


Delicate leaf designs are hand pierced into 3/4 in. diameter copper disks. The copper has been hammered and polished by hand creating a beautiful texture and shine.

These long, elegant earrings are adorned with Carnelian, Copper and Amazonite beads that hang from a sterling silver chain.

From the top of the handmade ear wire to the bottom of the last bead these earrings are 3 3/4" long.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Black Pearl Earrings

Artist Statement: Black lip,natural mother of pearl with light colorado topaz swarovski crystal on sterling silver.The earrings are light. 4" long and 2" wide.

They're not for everyone, these Black Pearl Earrings, but I think they would be superb on someone who was wearing something very simple and very modern in black or bronze. A draped dress, dusky skin, a simple ring or bangle.

500 posts!

(available as a card or print on the link above)

Wow, how about that, we've done 500 posts since February this year! I hope that you are enjoying the art and craft, the wearables, the edibles and the user friendly items that we've been posting.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback. If you have an interest in a particular type of art/craft, or an artist that you think we should feature, please let us know. We read every comment written on the blog.