Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thick and Thin Bangle

Thick and Thin Bangle by whoozqueen

Artist Statement: (Item not for sale) Here's another example of fooling about with my new crochet skillz. I have this lovely mulberry coloured thick n thin yarn that was destined to be a scarf but somehow ended up on my larger than normal crochet hook the other day.

I started out trying to crochet...wait for it...a scarf *eyeball roll* and stopped an inch or so into it because crochet takes up much more fibre than knitting and I would not have had enough to complete it. Headband was the next idea. Too small. Bangle? *shrug* Why not. *smile* The funny thing is that I was stopped twice the first time I wore it outside by admirers. You bewt.

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