Saturday, July 5, 2008

Functional Recomposition

Artist Statement: This is a knitted neckwarmer/scarf made from quality wool-acrylic fibers. This item is truly multi-functional, it is composed of two pieces. By attaching two pieces together in different ways, you will end up with various forms and uses : neckwarmer, scarf, cuffs, headband, belt. (See the pictures!)

Just experiment with it.

When using it as a neckwarmer, you will also get very different looks by just sliding the item around your neck or closing/opening some of the buttons.

The pieces are compatible with other functional recompositions in different colors.

This item is knitted with quality Dark/Light Olive Green wool-acrylic fibers. The flowery buttons on the piece are crocheted with gray fibers. And the holes are decorated with four three-petal crocheted flowers.

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