Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Auberdine Cuff

Artist Statement: Aubergine is for the epicurean sensualist. Rosy-cheeked and barefoot, she’ll spend hours lost in labyrinthine orchards, dreaming of sweets and other earthly delights. Candle lanterns and flasks of wine on a hot summer evening in Tuscany, a feast at a long table under the stars, she tosses her hair and laughs at the ardent would-be lovers who melt every time she tips her glass to her berry-stained lips. Let the Aubergine Cuff ripen your senses. The Aubergine Cuff closes with silk-covered buttons and elastic loops, so it has a little bit of give. This Aubergine Cuff measures 6 3/4 inches without the elastic. Hand-pleated deepest plum dupioni silk with a gently frayed edge, Florentine olive velvet, purple and green braid, and silk-covered buttons.

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