Friday, May 30, 2008

The Proof

Monty and My Crochet

So, here's the proof of my crocheting skills that I acquired yesterday. I started out with the middle section, nice plain rows. After about 15cm I was bored with the lines, and then realised that I could go around the outside of the shape. Had a think about how I might do it, and then decided to just give it a go. I was right! Easy Peasy. Now the edges have started to curl from the turns, so I thought about it again and decided that on the corner I would add a couple of stitches into the same hole and that should widen and flatten it. Seems to be the case, hoorah!

What to do with it next? Well, I have some beige wool and I was thinking that I might join that in, do a line or two of the beige, go back to the pink/purple, continue the beige in bulk and then perhaps change colour to a chocolate wool. The round shape pleases me...might become a blankie in the end.

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