Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Felted Purse Pattern

Artist Statement: AVAIlABLE VIA mail or EMAIL in .PDF form:) Just ask!!! Your local knitting shops will tell you how applying beautiful and unique buttons are HOT HOT HOT!!! The pattern requires a little over 600 yards of wool to create this chic sporty pattern. It is knit with size 10.5 strait, circular needles (optional) and double pointed 10.5's. This size needle will cause all of your stitches to disappear after you have felted your duffle. Most patterns use size 11 or larger leaving visible stitching. They also make you use two strand of yarn which really prices up your costs. I use only 1 strand with my patterns. They are just as strong and have a very nice "hand".

When people at art shows examine my handbags up close and I have to explain to them that these are actually hand knitted. They get this funny little confused look on their faces because if the lack of visible stitches.

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