Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Feathery Flower Brooch

feathery flower brooch in creamy white

with whitish feathers and pink edges by Piper Ewan

Artist Statement: the flower is fashioned from hand-dyed hana silk, which is cream coloured with pink edges, and lovingly hand sewn with tiny delicate stitches. the flower itself measures about 3" (7 cm) in diameter it is decorated with coque saddle hackle that varies within each feather from natural white to cream. the feathers themselves measure about 5" (13 cm) from the flower. the feathers are glued to a backing and sewn on to the flower itself, so they are pretty sturdy, but they will not stand for being shut in a car door or chewed on by a pet cat. the flower is backed with a wool felt backing with a 1.25" (3 cm) bar pin. sewn to the back. why a pinback instead of a hair clip? because a pinback may be pinned in hair with bobby pins, and also versatile enough to pin to your hat or to close your shawl or on your shoulder, or otherwise attached to your garment. i tried hair clips, and they proved to be unreliable, as they like to slide out of my hair (the asymmetry of the feathers also caused undesired tilting), and i would end up using bobby pins to secure it anyway.

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