Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Artist Statement: I am interested in making wearables that enable you to feel information your senses are not acutely aware of. The CO2 Corset monitors carbon dioxide levels in the environment and provides physical feedback by tightening the bodice in relation to air quality.

Traditionally the corset is a rigid garment comprised of vertical boning that is worn under clothing for aesthetic or medical purposes. The article supports the torso and slims the figure by cinching the waist imposing a shallowness of breathe on the user, making it contextually appropriate as the wearable interface to air quality.

Smart clothing and textiles promise to be the next fashion revolution, and this design sits cleverly in that field, reflecting current environmental concerns and aesthetic trends (ok, we're not all wearing bulky circuitry yet, but you know what I mean). Obvious though it may be, I do like that conceit of the corset acting on reduced air quality to restrict the wearer's breathing. Perhaps a nice canary hair accessory to go with?

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