Friday, May 30, 2008

Capri Blue Necklace

Artist Statement: The labradorite pendant used in this necklace is one of the most stunning labradorite stones I have ever seen; when it catches the light it shines with a brilliant blue color. The stone is accented with fine wire weaving and coiling, and hangs from a strand of silver blue rice pearls. The necklace attaches in the back with a hand formed sterling silver hook. The necklace is 17" long but has an extender chain that allows it to be extended up to 20" long. The photograph depicts the necklace being worn at its shortest length adjustment (17"). The pendant measures 1" long by .75" wide.

Mucha Bucket Bag

Artist Statement: Our new bucket bags use our new print-on-satin technique which is absolutely gorgeous - vivid, brilliant colour (and... won't ever fade and is fully washable and dry-cleanable - perfect!) The bags are really beautifully made and finished to a very professional standard and are total head turners. This bag features a front panel in our own print (the design is ours, based on an original Art Nouveau picture by Alfons Mucha) and back panels in 100% cotton velvet combined with our own matching print. This one is in a gorgeous chocolate brown velvet. The whole bag is lightly interfaced for a little structure and has a nice squarish base that sits well. It's fully lined in a practical black cotton.

Old World Gold

Artist Statement: This is a necklace made from quality cotton fibers, cotton fabric, brass pendant and delica beads, with freeform crochet and embroidery techniques. The pendant is an old brass piece in golden tones ornamented with bell charms and colorful small cabochons, since this is an old piece there are imperfections such as missing bells. The chain is formed with a colorful cotton local fabric in bright red, green, blue, orange red. The fabric cordon is decorated with wrapped cotton fibers in red, green, black, yellow and orange tones. It is also decorated with crocheted beaded flowery edging and beaded embroidery work using various colorful delica beads. The closure part is crocheted with green and black cotton fibers. Necklace closes with a translucent blue button. Due to all different forms of beaded embroidery and crochet work, the necklace has a very original and stylish look. This necklace is a true eastern charm, absolutely original!

The Proof

Monty and My Crochet

So, here's the proof of my crocheting skills that I acquired yesterday. I started out with the middle section, nice plain rows. After about 15cm I was bored with the lines, and then realised that I could go around the outside of the shape. Had a think about how I might do it, and then decided to just give it a go. I was right! Easy Peasy. Now the edges have started to curl from the turns, so I thought about it again and decided that on the corner I would add a couple of stitches into the same hole and that should widen and flatten it. Seems to be the case, hoorah!

What to do with it next? Well, I have some beige wool and I was thinking that I might join that in, do a line or two of the beige, go back to the pink/purple, continue the beige in bulk and then perhaps change colour to a chocolate wool. The round shape pleases me...might become a blankie in the end.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I finally learnt to crochet

Finally learnt how to crochet today, with the assistance of the video above by Jeweliet01. The problem for me was trying to figure out where to put the darn hook between each stitch, leading to some very messy lines. Finally, I worked it out by watching the second video in this series, where Aunt Esther grabs a knot and says, This is the knot, THIS is the space where you put your needle. Shazam! I got it. Thank the ghods.

So Im about 15cm into my square/scarf, whatever the heck it is that Im doing, and when I've completed it, I'll take a couple of photos and post them.

One Baaaad Poncho

This is a poncho pattern, one of the simplest I've ever seen. Love the cabley stuff in the middle of the poncho and the shape is acting sewn, not knitted, so newbs like me can make a rectangle and whack something wearable together.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moulin Rouge

Artist Statement: For your consideration a handmade choker which captures the spirit of the Moulin Rouge. Embrace your inner cancan with this over the top floral choker. This one is dripping with glass beads, and crystals. The flower is made of french ribbon and is centered with an antique glass bead circa 1920. Make a statement without saying a word. Free shipping in the United States.

The Beauty of Strange Stories

The Interstitial Arts Foundation auctions are inspired by Interfictions, an anthology of stories that "dig into the imaginative spaces between conventional genres--realistic and fantastical, scholarly and poetic, personal and political[.]" Similarly, the pieces featured in the auctions live in those spaces between scholarship and craft, readable art and wearable art. Those of you into the spec. fic. and mythic arts blogosphere will recognise or appreciate them especially, I think.

ETA: Go here to read through the online salon. Scholars, writers, crafters, artists, all talking about their craft. Lots to digest!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Childbirth Education Doll

Artist Statement: This listing is for a custom made doll. As soon as I receive payment I will begin work on her. Dolls currently take between 7-14 days to make. Your doll will be 100% wool with polyfill stuffing. The clothes will be of re-purposed clothing and fabrics of various materials. I usually wait for the personality of the doll to show through before dressing her, so outfits definitely vary. All dolls come with a bag or backpack of some sort containing a baby blanket. My ultrasound machine is currently broken, so I cannot determine the sex of your baby. You will just have to wait and see like they did in the old days. If you are a homebirth midwife, please convo me for a discount.

Felted Purse Pattern

Artist Statement: AVAIlABLE VIA mail or EMAIL in .PDF form:) Just ask!!! Your local knitting shops will tell you how applying beautiful and unique buttons are HOT HOT HOT!!! The pattern requires a little over 600 yards of wool to create this chic sporty pattern. It is knit with size 10.5 strait, circular needles (optional) and double pointed 10.5's. This size needle will cause all of your stitches to disappear after you have felted your duffle. Most patterns use size 11 or larger leaving visible stitching. They also make you use two strand of yarn which really prices up your costs. I use only 1 strand with my patterns. They are just as strong and have a very nice "hand".

When people at art shows examine my handbags up close and I have to explain to them that these are actually hand knitted. They get this funny little confused look on their faces because if the lack of visible stitches.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lampworked Glass Pendant

Artist Statement: Pictured is 1 Borosilicate glass pendant. Each piece is handmade by myself in my Ohio studio with a torch. I try to create new, never before seen designs and utilize methods that you will see nowhere else. The glass is super durable and with my strong, thick loops and precise forming you will be sure to cherish it for years to come. All my pendants and beads are properly kiln annealed. The pictures don't do justice for the beauty and colors these pendants create. All pendants are photographed on a dark background.

Canary Earrings

Artist Statement: I'm not sure they really are Canaries, but perched as they are I couldn't help but name them so.. Entirely hand fabricated from sterling silver. The birds have a roll-printed finish akin to the texture of watercolour paper. The stands have a bright polish. These are quite large earrings but still reasonably light and airy.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pirate Wench

Artist Statement:

Here for your consideration is this custom tailored sassy and whimsical Pirate Lass ensemble!

The Bodice - Made of 100% wine and black cotton and reversible to deep black canvas. There are black grommets down the front and at the shoulders that are tied with black lacing. I have strategically placed six pieces of spring steel boning to give you the proper Renaissance silhouette. The Bodice will be custom tailored to fit you!

The Wine and Black Skirts - Made of the same cotton fabric as the bodice for a perfect match, they each measure 42" from waist to serged hem that has a circumference of 155". The skirts feature a drawstring waistband that can be cinched tight to prevent slippage. They look great with or without a hoopskirt. (Not included in this listing.)

Dreams of Diana

Artist Statement: Once again I am venturing into silversmithing and metalwork, so expect more pieces in this vein soon. This piece is one of the first sketches I've transformed into reality in some time! A lovely chunk of faceted amethyst matrix (polished flat on the back) is lovingly embraced by sterling silver tendrils. The swoop of sterling silver at the top was hand-hammered and formed, and prong settings were added to hold three Cubic Zirconia stones of intense sparkle; one 8mm tanzanite, a 6mm clear, and a 3mm amethyst. A delicate chain has been added to asymmetrical hanging points, both of which have been soldered shut for security. A bold and hefty piece!

Secret Agent Soapstache

Artist Statement: Need a gift for the disguise wearer in the family? This is the perfect spy gear accoutrement. You'll receive 2 soap mustaches (or soapstaches) on a stick of any combination of colors. You can choose from: dark black, brunette, blonde or fiery redhead. Weighs .7 ounces per soapstache and scented WILD SARSPARILLA! (If you'd like a different scent, just ask.)

Turquoise Rock Soap

Artist Statement: Tumbled Turquoise Soap© passes through many stages to become the exquisite bar of exfoliating luxury soap that it is. It starts as pure glycerine soap to which Shea butter and olive oil are added. It is scented with cinnamon essential oils and a hint of peony fragrance oil. Naturally exfoliating, Tumbled Turquoise Soap® contains freshly ground cinnamon, and orange peel. Each piece of Tumbled Turquoise Soap® is made individually by hand and each piece is completely unique.

Dimensional weave hoop earrings

Artist Statement: Dimensional-weave jewelry combines textile and jewelry metal arts. Utilizing the three-dimensional possibilities of a traditional cloth-making technique, known as double-weave, Anastasia has originated a signature style; turning double-weave cloth into this unique jewelry.

The picture above hardly does these incredible works of art justice. Go to the link, click on the photo to zoom and you will see how beautifully the wire wrapping has been done. I've done a little bit of this stuff in my own work, and I can't tell you how difficult it is to get such uniformity, let alone achieve results such as this.

Bluebird earrings

Artist Statement: Tiny bluebird paintings are set behind glass in handmade sterling settings. They have tiny sleeping beauty turquoise stones clustered beneath. Paintings measure 1/4" in diameter, and earrings hang 1/2".

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kimono Kokeshi

A gorgeous print of a kimono doll by one of my favourite Aussie-in-Japan bloggers, Melanie Gray Augustin. You can buy this t-shirt (plus size version featured above) or a variety of items in her Cafe Press Store.

Pre-Columbian Earrings

Artist Statement: This simple pair of earrings was made of sterling silver. The design was inspired in a pre-columbian one from "La Aguada" culture. They're about 2.6 x 2.6 cm (from top to bottom) (that means 1" aprox.). This pair of earrings are handmade when you order and take between one to two weeks for shipment.

Tattoo Pendant and Chain

Artist Statement: This necklace will go easily with everything you wear. The chain is hand made, little silver disks joined by little hoops, the leather element is like a tatoo form and it falls in the middle left or right of your chest.

Patchwork Textile Ring

Artist Statement: I made this ring inspired by some of my cameos brooches and "patchwork of everything" pins. The ring is extra large, perfect for those who like eye catchy things. The item is composed by several crochet "beads" one strong plastic cabochon and one crochet branch, and some felt.


Designer's statement: The above design "OMGIMPRGNTtm" is my newest Maternity Tee and is quickly becoming my most popular tee! It was designed for all who love to text message. What a clever way to announce that you are pregnant! "Oh my gosh, I am pregnant!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fossil Dream

Artist Statement: This pendant showcases a fossil orthoceras (or “straight horn”) type of ammonite. Related to the modern day squid, this fossil is over 400 million years old. These cephalopods breathed with gills, and swam in shallow seas using jet propulsion.

Andromeda Necklace

This stunning necklace features an ammonite fossil pendant, huge faceted nuggets of natural aquamarine, champagne bronze stick pearls, more aquamarine nuggets, and creamy champagne coin pearls. All put together with sterling silver accents and clasp. 20 1/2" with a 2 1/2" sterling silver extender chain.

Pattern - Birdy Shoes

Artist Statement: I designed these unique felt baby slippers just to make myself smile... I made the patterns for 2 sizes 0-3 mths and 3-6 mths, and they can be emailed straight to you as PDF files to download and get started straight away..cut out a stash using all your old scraps and soon you will have little birdies everywhere....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Frozen Smiles

Product Description: All of a sudden, dentures aren’t just for Grandpa anymore! Freeze up a batch of Frozen Smiles and drop them into any glass - they’re the ice cubes that grin right back at you (and your esteemed party guests). Don’t you think they’ll add a little bite to whatever you’re drinking? Frozen Smiles is made from soft, food-safe synthetic rubber.

Heh. I'd probably make them with strawberry or raspberry yoghurt or just use a few drops of pink coloured food dye to make people look twice. Awesome gift for the old folks, on their 60th.


Artist Statement: I am interested in making wearables that enable you to feel information your senses are not acutely aware of. The CO2 Corset monitors carbon dioxide levels in the environment and provides physical feedback by tightening the bodice in relation to air quality.

Traditionally the corset is a rigid garment comprised of vertical boning that is worn under clothing for aesthetic or medical purposes. The article supports the torso and slims the figure by cinching the waist imposing a shallowness of breathe on the user, making it contextually appropriate as the wearable interface to air quality.

Smart clothing and textiles promise to be the next fashion revolution, and this design sits cleverly in that field, reflecting current environmental concerns and aesthetic trends (ok, we're not all wearing bulky circuitry yet, but you know what I mean). Obvious though it may be, I do like that conceit of the corset acting on reduced air quality to restrict the wearer's breathing. Perhaps a nice canary hair accessory to go with?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cabriolet Large Red VW Bug on French Blue

Cabriolet Large Red VW Bug on French Blue by Persnickity Design

Artist Statement: The perfect bag! The right size, tantalizingly cute, and versatile too: wear it as a shoulder bag, or tuck in the strap for a wristlet or clutch. You’ll find yourself wearing it with everything from jeans to that little black dress, and needing one in every color.

On sale at the moment, check it out at the link, huge discount!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

All My Secrets Bag

Artist Statement: This beautiful messenger bag is made of vintage upholstery fabric (1980's) and a large vintage skeleton key from the 1930's with a lenght of 6 1/2'' (16.5cm). It is lined and closes with a zipper under the flap. To keep your secrets even safer the key holds the flap tight. The width is 16'' (41cm), 12 1/2'' (31.5cm) high and 3'' (7.5cm) deep. The strap is adjustable with a beautiful brass buckle from 38'' (97cm) to 44'' (111cm) with 5 eyelet rivets. A great eyecatcher for daily use in a unique way!

OMG, I love this bag concept so much, but the colours of the fabric...woes, they do not match my wardrobe. Still, isn't it divine????

Gamer Hand Exerciser

Description: The Xtensor is the only product on the market to perform with true biomechanical correctness, able to stimulate muscles and tendons in the hands, wrists and elbows that have been virtually off limits to all other devices. Repetitive gripping and squeezing of your game-controller or mouse forces extended isometric contractions of the flexor muscles of the hands and fingers producing an unnatural imbalance over time as the hands operate in a mostly closed position. For this reason, patients with hand, wrist and elbow disorders experience unnecessarily long healing times and high reoccurrence rates. Everybody got that?

I Miss You The Second You Leave

Made to Order in your size. Ring individually handmade of a custom made stamp and sterling silver. Bold and subtle and brave declarations of love to be left on bedside notes, at the bottom of a letter or a sweetheart's wrist, over their heart, along the nape of their neck... little traces of love left behind. To use::: Water based ink is best and can be supplied if desired. Ink ring, leave message, wash with water to clean.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Necklace of Dismantling

From pure mathematics to feminist theory, here we have "The Necklace of Dismantling", featuring "black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet" and feminist theorist, Audre Lorde.

Artist's Statement: Audre Lorde said, "The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house." And, boy howdy, was she ever right about that.
Remind yourself that replacing one broken paradigm with another broken paradigm isn't going to get us anywhere.

I do like the name, too. Reminds me of all those mythical, historical, fantastical objects of power that were so important and revered they were given titles.

Fractal Drawers

For those of us who like a little maths geekery in design, here's this very sleek set of drawers, reminiscent of fractals and the nested rectangles of the golden ratio. I also like the sleek white exterior with the warmer wood interior, I might find the object a little unapproachable or intimidating otherwise!

Hat-tip to lauredhel for the find!

Mood Swing

Artist Statement: Give them fair warning about your mood at any given moment with this sterling silver pin with a swing that actually moves! You can choose and set your mood to "Great", "Good", "Okay", "Bad" or "Nasty". The tiny plastic woman is hand painted and mounted like a pearl on a little, perfectly-scaled swing. Hair color, dress color, and even ethnicity can be specified so that a pin can be designed to look just like the wearer. A handmade copper stand for the pin that reads “Early Warning System” is also available for $20 (not included with the pin - please order the stand separately).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Feathery Flower Brooch

feathery flower brooch in creamy white

with whitish feathers and pink edges by Piper Ewan

Artist Statement: the flower is fashioned from hand-dyed hana silk, which is cream coloured with pink edges, and lovingly hand sewn with tiny delicate stitches. the flower itself measures about 3" (7 cm) in diameter it is decorated with coque saddle hackle that varies within each feather from natural white to cream. the feathers themselves measure about 5" (13 cm) from the flower. the feathers are glued to a backing and sewn on to the flower itself, so they are pretty sturdy, but they will not stand for being shut in a car door or chewed on by a pet cat. the flower is backed with a wool felt backing with a 1.25" (3 cm) bar pin. sewn to the back. why a pinback instead of a hair clip? because a pinback may be pinned in hair with bobby pins, and also versatile enough to pin to your hat or to close your shawl or on your shoulder, or otherwise attached to your garment. i tried hair clips, and they proved to be unreliable, as they like to slide out of my hair (the asymmetry of the feathers also caused undesired tilting), and i would end up using bobby pins to secure it anyway.

Vintage Rainbow & Gold Star Glass Button Necklace

Artist Statement: The glass button is a replica of a vintage piece that has a wonderful starburst designs in it. It is back colored by a rainbow colorchanging look. Pinks and Greens predominantly. It is wrapped in a detailed brass stamping based on a antique design. The pendant dangles from a large brass toggle that connects with brass rolo chain and is just simply, perfect!

Pendragon Shoes

Since 1987 [Pendragon Shoes] have been creating unique quality footwear specialising in fashion, theatre, opera and film, while also producing numerous exhibitions of our one off shoe art pieces.

I've been a fan of these guys for a while, it's lovely to go back after a year or two and see they have a lovely, shiny new website. While you're there, don't miss the sale page, the amazing costume pieces, and the wearable art (dragon shoes!) on the exhibitions page.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blue rings

Artist Statement: Beautiful blue (and green) glass rings make up for this pendant. A must have for your spring atire! Strung on black cord with a toggle clasp.

Ecliptic Headdress

Artist Statement: An embellished headband made of burlap, wool felt, knit jersey and brass rimmed shell disks. The shape accentuates the skull and transforms you into a contemporary junk-yard pharaoh. Both hand stiched and machine sewn. This piece can be customized with different colors and with slight variations to the design, like the two pictured. I have atleast 20 different colors of felt to chose from and 4 neutral shades of burlap. I love to do custom pieces, so if you have something in mind, please contact me.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ohrringe hirtentaschel

Ohrringe HIRTENTÄSCHEL by Chickeria

Artist Statement: 1 Paar Ohrringe. Farbekleckse, Farbverläufe und Spritzer auf verschiedenen Ebenen, dazwischen ist die Silhouette eines Hirtentäschels, einer Wiesenpflanze zu erkennen. Erinnern an wilde Illustrationen, Aquarelle und Streetart.

Anyone speak German? *grin* The very crude translation (online) is - Color blots, color courses and Spritzer on different plains, in between the silhouette of a Hirtentäschels, a meadow plant is to be recognized. Remind one of wild illustration, watercolor and street type.

Three Beaded Felted Bangles

Artist Statement: These bangles have been needle felted and then wet felted and handstiched with a ton of tiny glass seed beads.They are made from wool, silk, and alpaca.This listing is for three bangles.When purchasing please message me with bracelet color ( i have in stock,or can make almost any color under the sun) and bead color (reds, blues, or multi) or let me choose a nice assortment for you!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Japanese Girl Brooch

Artist Statement: Japanese Girls - Cameo Brooch / Pin. 3X 2.3cm Copper Lacey Border Brooch with pin on the back. Image mounted over golden mud mass, and covered with a clear plastic resin. The resin gives it a gloss glass like appearance and protects it.

Spring Elf Hat

Artist Statement: This gorgeous elf hat is the "signature item" of Mani Mina studio. An adorable way to protect your child's head and ears. And it is the only hat my daughter agrees to wear! Impossible to lose it : a soft velvet ribbon keeps it around the head. This hat is made from soft fleece and the lining is an ultra-soft fleece. A handmade button add the final touch on the top of the hat. The hat also comes with wool boots as a gift set.

Recycled Tablecloth Apron Top

Artist Statement: This bright and unusual top is made from a cute vintage 1970's tablecloth. I used the fabric diagonally, to make sure the pattern is at its most beautifull and the fabric moves more fluidly and fits comfortably. Please note that the colors of the fabrics are deeper and darker than in the pictures! This fabric has some signs of use, the color has faded just a bit and there are some vaque lines at the bottom part, you can see it in the pictures. This top has small coordinating lace at the top. The tunnels are made of a vintage pillowcase with little mod flowers and the back is made of a vintage fabric with the same kind of flowers. The applique is made from new fabric and is put on with a satin stich, so there will be no loose threads. The strap runs through tunnels so everything is adjustable.

Fluid Earth Bowl

I absolutely adore this concept - a bowl made from the topography of the land...that you choose from Google maps! You can pick anywhere in the world, and have the bowl as a flat represenation or make it literally as it is, with all the peaks and valleys. I've spent a good half hour trying to put my home town on it (ideal as it was the site of an ancient volcano) and other regions around the world.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Goblin Frock Coat in Peacock Fabric

Artist Statement: Handmade and unique Frock coat with Goblin Hood, made of pink hand-dyed Peacock printed cotton and hand-dyed antique lace. The coat is fully lined, and has vintage wooden buttons. 2 slits in the front, 2 in the back. Flared sleeves. Pockets in the side seams, on each side. Recommended for a size US 8-10 / UK 10-12/ FR 38-40. Custom orders are welcomed, if you like the style, but not the colour, or it's not your size!

Pizza Earrings

Artist Statement: One pair of miniature pizza earrings with some toppings – handmade by me of my own pizzeria! It's a one of a kind miniature pizza made up of polymer clay and some secret ingredients...Every pizza slice was made individually, hand sculpted by me and absolutely no molds were used in the process!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Duckcloth: for fabric addicts

Amy Butler's "Primrose Lime", from Duckcloth.

For those of us who live in Australia and have a bit of a fabric obsession (I personally have an entire hallseat filled with fabric, plus three shopping bags' full, and I'm not the worst fabric hoarder I know), Duckcloth is an online haven.

All those beautiful designer fabrics you see mentioned on craftblogs - the American designers, the quirky and cute Japanese prints, some homegrown talent, plus heaps more.

Once Upon A Time

Artist Statement: An aged brass sparrow carries an ornate ring which holds a beautifully detailed brass vine that I have embellished with glass flowers. An authentic, one of a kind vintage watch movement that is set upon vintage brass hangs from the vine. Movements will all be similar in style to one shown.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Peas in a Pod Earrings

Artist Statement: These dyed Mother of Pearl beads are the closest thing I've found to real peas. The color is a vibrant natural green that just pops when paired with a leaf of metal. The sterling silver leaves are formed to cup each graduated pearl, creating a wavy look that still allows the beads to spin on their wirewrapped frame. They are hung from sterling silver earwires. The back of one pod is stamped with my signature 'sudlow'