Monday, April 21, 2008

Wrap skirt in red and chocolate

Custom Sized - super sassy coffee and red chinese satin apron style skirt

Artist Statement: A gorgeous skirt made from a gorgeous piece of scarlet chinese dragon woven satin, teamed with beautifully soft coffee coloured satin. The skirt is constructed in two sections- very simple but it looks stunning! The ties are matched in brown satin. The fastenings are two fabulous buttons and buttonholes (see final picture) which I will sew onto the skirt when you tell me your waist size so that this skirt will fit you perfectly! The beauty of this design is - if you lose or gain a few pounds then all you need to do is shift the position of the buttons and the skirt will still fit you perfectly!! Also- extra bonus- the skirt can be worn any way round and still look fab- with ties behind you or in front- patterned satin in front or plain satin - the choice is yours. This skirt is a Plus Size- minimum waist is 40 inches and maximum waist is approx 48 inches (the ties will not meet at the back though). The length is 26 1/2 inches and the skirt sits in an A-line style.

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