Sunday, April 13, 2008

Matryoshka Doll Brown Shoes

Matryoshka Doll Brown Shoes by Hippy of Doom

I just had to put in two images of this adoooorable pair of handpainted shoes so that you could see the details.

Artist Statement: These shoes have a design of 3 Russian dolls on the heel, and matching flower decoration on the toe. The shoes that have been hand painted are brown, with approx 3 inch heels, made from synthetic materials, and decorated with a blanket stitch (not by me!). The shoes also come in a customised box, that features the same design found on the shoes but on the lid. The box also has a photograph of the shoes, to save you wondering what shoes are in which box! The shoes also come with a spare pair of heels.

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hippyofdoom said...

Thanks so much for the feature here, I really appreciate it!