Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lace Cuff

Artist Statement - These simply darling little cuffs are all the rage... Just slip them on, and add instant fascination to a sweater, long-sleeve blouse, or knit top. The floozy logo runs around the wrist, and the floozy lace ruffle extends a pretty 2 1/2" over the hand. The cuffs come gift-wrapped in a white organza pouch, complete with a gift tag ready for giving (if you can bear to part with them!)


flyingblogspot said...

Those have been bookmarked on my want list for some time. Truly oohsome!

Evie said...

Thanks for the love!! FYI, I'm offering free shipping on these from now until Mother's Day!
Love, Evie
a.k.a. Grandma Was a Floozy