Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flake Earrings

flake earrings Vera mix- rose / taupe / smoke by Poppi Girl

Artist Statement: This is a little pair of flake earrings that has three different colors. Rose, brown (or taupe) and a gray it is a totally cute pair of earrings that are easy to wear everyday. The earrings are made using a sterling silver french wire and glass beads. Approximate sizes of the flake earring style is 3/4”

Marvellous Mitts Pattern

Artist Statement:
Skill level: Ambitious Beginner
. Learn to knit with two colors. Stranded colorwork gloves with hand dyed yarns. Pattern includes tutorials for wonderful knitting techniques like the Braided Cast on and Twined Herringbone border. Lots of easy to understand instructions and entertaining tidbits.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jenovia Cuff

Artist Statement: The cuff being offered is the same except the steel buckles style varies. I have had so many emails about people wanted this cuff so I'm trying to accomodate everyone! This is a cuff style we have been doing for many years and it is still one of our favorites. We have named this cuff after our muse JENOVIA .The cuff is a soft peachy silk charmeuse ruffled 1920's fabric sewn on decadent 20's antique trim. The gorgeous opulant buckle is also from the 20's with silver accents. The cuffs has ribbon ties. All of the materials used were purchased in Paris.

The Scream Ball Gown

Artist Statement: This gown is inspired by the famous painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. The bodice is painted like the sky in the painting which has been described as "a sky on fire." It is painted with swirls of red, orange, yellow and white. The skirt is painted with the screaming man on the bridge in the painting. The two figures on the bridge are on the right side of the gown. The back is painted with deep, haunting shades of blue like the dark background in the painting. While there is no mistaking the inspiration of this gown, you will definitely be a one-of-a-kind at your masquerade ball or costume party in this “insanely” beautiful gown. The gown pictured is currently available in a size 8-10. Delivery time will be immediate on this particular gown. If you would like one in a different size, it will need to be custom made just for you!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Madness Shrug Hoodie

Madness Shrug Hoodie Top by aNGrYGiRL Gear

Artist Statement: Madness is a straight~jacket styled shrug made from a soft black sweatshirt fleece. There are four straps on each sleeve, which are attached in a double D-ring *football belt* manner. There are pyramid studs around the hood, and down each sleeve. THIS SHRUG WILL BE CUSTOM MADE TO YOUR SIZE. It will take approximately three weeks to order ship date, depending on order volume.

Dancing Devils Firepit

Artist Statement: These dancing devils were adapted from a series of medieval block prints… although they also remind me of Indonesian shadow puppets. Especially because of the way that they cast lively dancing shadows when you build a fire in the firepit. As the flames leap, so do the shadows! How cool is that? This design was cut freehand with no stencils or jigs. I don't know if I'll evr make another one quite this complex due to the time and effort that went into each figure. I love the way it came out, but future versions will most likely be a bit less detailed and simpler (which is my not-so-subtle way of saying that if you love this design as much as I do, you should get it before it's gone!).

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Working Girl Dress with Featherette Applique

Working Girl Dress With Featherette Applique

by Global Goddess Goods

Artist statement: (This dress) is a great transitional piece for all seasons because it has long sleeves, yet is made from light weight, jersey knit fabric that is a by product of the timber industry. It is actually wood pulp that is spun into fine threads and then mixed with cotton, leaving an incredibly soft, stretchy material that is comparable to silk. This process is also used to make soy fiber, except they use soy stock instead of pulp. It stretches to be form fitting and flattering on anyone. This new material is being used for everything from lingerie to baby clothes. This dress in particular is great for nursing mothers because of it's deep and stretchy neckline and double layered bust. Mama or not, it's an eye catcher and a favoite among customers in my boutique.

Bacon and Eggs

Artist Statement: What better way to adorn your cuffs than with your favorite meal of the day? These fun cuff links feature blue plate breakfast specials of sunny-side-up eggs and crunchy strips of bacon. The plates are securely attached to silvery base metal cufflinks, and measure about 15mm in diameter (see the last photo for scale.) We sculpt all of our tiny foods by hand from polymer clay, then glaze them for a shiny, protected finish. These breakfasts will last a lot longer than the real thing! Prefer sausages? Scrambled eggs? Contact us through etsy to custom order your favorite foods on cuff links (or any other kind of jewelry!)

I dedicate this meaty post of meaty goodness to Raif.

Asterisk Bag

Artist Statement: Eco-leather and aluminum are some of the basic ingredients. The size of the handbag is 7.87 inches long and 12.60 inches high. The strap is made of brown eco-leather ans is 49.60 inches long from side to side. The exterior is made of brown eco-leather and the interior bag is green polyester.

I could see this bag being a great gift for someone who works with type or the written word. Lovely shape, beautiful colour and ideas with the asterisk.

1950s Necklace

Artist Statement: Laser cut plastic pendant based on a classic 1950s deign. Thin chain is doubled over and is rougly 18cm each side. Please let me know if you would like a different size. I have recently started producing them in white as well but as of yet there are no photos, but if you would prefer a white necklace please let me know.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Torchwood Key Chain

Artist Statement: Keychains are made in the flat-backed button style, using the HIGH QUALITY Badge-A-Minit Bench Press system. The image area is 2 1/4" in diameter, and thickly laminated for durability, making a beautiful, professional keychain you will be proud to display!

Flux Capacitor Chandelier

Artist Statement: The base (top) of this hanging light was the bottom of my desk chair until I leaned back in the chair one day and it broke, leaving me with a five-spoked wheel. So, I took the wheel, threw on a veritable mess of threaded steel rod, attached some hot pink strings to hang a grid of flat black linoleum polygons with reflective tops, shone down 5 light bulbs (one on each end of the old chair base) such that illumination gets reflected up and out throughout space. Now, I can’t promise anything, but it is entirely within the realm of possibility that some teenage heartthrob from the future will show up in a Delorian and need this very piece of dining room lighting to help him get back.

Uranus Tshirt

Artist Statement: Uranus is a mysterious, little explored orb. This shirt reveals everything about Uranus you were afraid to ask. Our first ever two-sided print, and our first shirt printed on American Apparel sweatshop-free 100% ringspun cotton tees.

Additionally I like their intent:

"We never make shirts that are mean. There are plenty of shops willing to make a quick buck by taking cheap shots at people / religions / races / Olsen Twins. This isn't one of them. I donate a portion of all sales to charitable causes, and focus part of my company mission (and budget) on performing random acts of kindness."

Tardis USB Portal

Enjoying our Space+Doctor Who Day? I hope you are!

How about a 4 way USB portal that makes the tardis noise when you plug it in? *wibble*

Description: This little blue box, really an immense multi-dimensional starship capable of ludicrous speeds, sits benignly on your desk, acting as a mere conduit of digital information for your computer. 480 megabits per second of data are shared amongst its four USB 2.0 ports along the base. Press the panel on the face, and the blue-glowing light pulsates and the Tardis' engine fires up. Don't worry, while the engine grinds away, we've time-locked the Tardis so it stays put - we don't want any accidental paradoxes, thank you.

Quasar Necklace

Artist Statement: How my pendants are made: The image is printed on archival paper and is mounted under a high quality glass-like dome that reflects the light and magnifies the picture. It is then mounted into a thin sterling silver frame and is strung on a 16 inch sterling silver chain. This pendant is 25mm (about an inch) in diameter. All my jewelry is UV and water-resistant and made to last. If you would like a longer chain (24 inch) I have those available for an additional $3.00

20% of all sales go directly to the charity of your choice (see list below)...Please make a note when purchasing the item which charity you would like the proceeds to go to.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Purple Rooster Earrings

Lovely, long and earthy, these are dyed Purple Rooster Feather earrings by OSM Medicine Jewellery. The brown feathers at the top are pheasant feathers and the earrings are sterling silver with copper beads.

Moroccan Sugar Blossom Hobo Bag

Moroccan Sugar Blossom Hobo Bag

featuring Michael Miller Ginger Blossom fabrics

by The Lemon Drop Shop

Artist Statement: Crafted out of beautiful cotton fabrics from the amazing Sandi Henderson/Michael Miller Ginger Blossom line, the Moroccan Sugar Blossom Hobo Bag is guaranteed to make you the coolest girl in the room! This bag is exotic chic at its finest, and its sophisticated shape puts a sleeker, more streamlined twist on the silhouette of a stylish hobo bag. The bag is adorned with bold Moroccan tiles in scrumptious hues of butter yellow, aqua blue, cotton candy pink and vibrant raspberry, and anchored with rich chocolate brown detailing. It's fully lined in a delicious pink cotton with a mini-blossom print, also from the same designer line of fabric. The durable handle and base are made from a chocolate brown soft woven seagrass.

Crystal Bracelet

Artist Statement: This bracelet is made of many and varied sizes of Swarovski diamond-cut crystals,in many colors, strung on a metal cable that creates the unique circle of crystals; combined together they give the bracelet its elasticity.

About the designer: Noa Goren is a graduate of the Jewelry, Accessories and Objects Faculty of the Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem. She is the recipient of the Sharett Prize and Shapira Award. Noa has been an independent studio owner for the past 19 years, designing and creating 18K-22K gold jewelry, incorporated with precious stones. Her jewelry has been exhibited in leading galleries in Tel Aviv, London and Sydney, and Boston.


Artist Statement: TRAnQuiLiTY - Sterling Antiqued Ornate Bracelet - Tanzanite, Mystic Topaz, Prasiolite, Sky Blue Topaz

I have composed this design from scratch using various gauges of sterling silver wire. A filigree sterling bead has been added as a focal, wrapped with Thai tiny beads and genuine Tanzanite rondelles. The focal is a focal and clasp in one. Closing with a coiled swirly hook-clasp which has been adorned with a little baroque pearl. The chain features smooth briolettes of tanzanite, lots of mystic topaz full-briolettes, Prasiolite and Sky Blue Topaz rondelles on sterling hand-crafted pins. This is truly dramatic and unbelievably romantic creation! The bracelet has been heavily oxidized and after that it has been tumbled. This makes it a dark silver with strong shine!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jack Sparrow Pirate Hat

I could see myself wearing something like this, only Im not a bunny raver, which it is supposed to be for. Still, lurking around in my house, fancying myself to be just a little piratical, I would wear this hat and go Arrrr!

Artist Statement: This hat is made from black fleece and black faux fur with an assortment of ribbons, wools etc. The hats are individually made so no two hats will be exactly the same.

Post Fossil Reading Light

Yes, its an ugly arse lamp.


Artist Statement: „first light“ is a sophisticated reading lamp which is powered through a weight and cog wheels just like a clockwork. The power does not come from the socket but is produced directly in the body. This traditional mechanism seems to be floating between the edged rack. Through the glassy lampshade the movement of the cog wheels is set in scene nicely. „first light“ is a lamp for bon vivants who like the conscious act of winding up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lace Cuff

Artist Statement - These simply darling little cuffs are all the rage... Just slip them on, and add instant fascination to a sweater, long-sleeve blouse, or knit top. The floozy logo runs around the wrist, and the floozy lace ruffle extends a pretty 2 1/2" over the hand. The cuffs come gift-wrapped in a white organza pouch, complete with a gift tag ready for giving (if you can bear to part with them!)

Ouija Ring

Artist Statement: This beautiful, unique and collectible ring features a wonderful image of a Ouija board. Set in an oval shaped sterling silver ring. Printed with archival inks and materials the image is protected by a clear, durable, flawless and archival resin.

Pirate Hair Jewels

Long Pirate Hair Jewels by Crystal Kitty Cat

Artist Statement: This strand is about 10 inches in length, perfect for pirates with long hair! The strand of beads is attached to a barrette so you can easily snap it into place. By attaching the barrette under your top layer of hair, you'll give the appearance of the beads stranded on your own hair! I carefully select various types of beads including glass, metal, wood, and Czech glass to create each unique strand of hair jewels. Strands are not reproduced; no two are the same!

Heart and Dagger Necklace

I have an appreciation of things macabre in nature, and this heart and dagger necklace by Bittersweets New York certainly fits the bill. You can actually take the 14k gold dagger out and restab it into the heart, how cool is that?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alice in Wonderland necklace

Here is a sweet Alice in Wonderland necklace, made by Craftster denizen, acidtrix. I really admire the selection of the individual elements and the construction; from the teacup, rose and card suits, to the clever asymmetrical design that showcases the key and heart clasp. The central pendant, featuring a Tenniel illustration from the book, is handmade from polymer clay and varnish.

Bagend in Miniature

Those of us into concrete aesthetic microcosms (that's Pretentious for "miniature stuff") and the works of Tolkien are going to love this teensy tiny recreation of the Bagginses' Bagend, based on the movie set. Props to obeliamedusa and her clever fingers! Even if you're not, you've got to admire the dedication and fine motor control necessary to recreate a scene like this on such a small scale, to such a high degree of detail. Wee rugs! Wee food! Wee elven horn!

Nicholas Jones: Book Sculptures

As a bibliophile, I'm both entranced and slightly disturbed by these amazing, geometric book sculptures by Melburnian Nicholas Jones. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate... setting aside my reverence for Old Printed Stuff, the weird and intricate and beautiful shapes he gets from a very familiar object are quite impressive! Lucy from The Design Files has done a very interesting interview with Nicholas, with lots of images of his work and some interesting insights into his process, and his attitudes to Art vs. Craft. Go have a read!

Monday, April 21, 2008

All Fall Down

What a stunning necklace - entitled All Fall Down - by silver artist Rone Prinz. The necklace is described as "21 sterling silver chairs with 18 karat gold accents. Fabricated & cast elements."

Artist Statement: Rone Prinz has been creating jewelry for over 22 years. While in a Japanese papermaking class she accidentally tore one of her sculptures & it became a pair of earrings. From that day forward she has been exploring different materials, from rusted bedsprings to Opals. Hopefully evolving, but always challenging herself to create something new & different. "For me making this jewelry is my dance. Since dance has been & is a huge part of my life, I can see that the relationship of moving matter & moving the physical form are one in the same for me."

Ornate carved earrings

Even in my brief sojourn as a bodyart enthusiast, I was never really tempted to stretch my earlobes to wear the large plugs or tunnels some people prefer. These earrings are one of the few things that could possibly cause me to reconsider. I love the elegance, neo-tribal influence, the natural materials. Showcased against upswept hair, good skin and a low cut outfit, they'd be stunning. Have a look elsewhere on the site for other beautiful body jewellery, including these delicate glass loops and spirals.

Wrap skirt in red and chocolate

Custom Sized - super sassy coffee and red chinese satin apron style skirt

Artist Statement: A gorgeous skirt made from a gorgeous piece of scarlet chinese dragon woven satin, teamed with beautifully soft coffee coloured satin. The skirt is constructed in two sections- very simple but it looks stunning! The ties are matched in brown satin. The fastenings are two fabulous buttons and buttonholes (see final picture) which I will sew onto the skirt when you tell me your waist size so that this skirt will fit you perfectly! The beauty of this design is - if you lose or gain a few pounds then all you need to do is shift the position of the buttons and the skirt will still fit you perfectly!! Also- extra bonus- the skirt can be worn any way round and still look fab- with ties behind you or in front- patterned satin in front or plain satin - the choice is yours. This skirt is a Plus Size- minimum waist is 40 inches and maximum waist is approx 48 inches (the ties will not meet at the back though). The length is 26 1/2 inches and the skirt sits in an A-line style.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gwahazee Dress

Artist Statement: Long sleeve, underbust-cut (gwahazee style) belly dance dress made of 60% cotton, 40% poly interlock knit. Slit on the sides up to the hip, with an 8" bell sleeve. Very soft, comfortable & breathable. Great item for the plus-size belly dancer who wants a little tummy coverage with an authentic/traditional line. Works for gypsy, tribal, ATS & Ren Faires. Wonderful basic item that's a great base to embellish at will. Machine washable. Custom-made to fit your measurements! Colors available: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Charcoal Grey, Chocolate Brown, White, Dark Olive Green, Peacock Blue, Aqua

Tribal Apron

Artist Statement: (The aprons) are a great accessory to wear over your skirts, pantaloons, or jeans for a little change of pace. The pockets are deep enough to carry whatever you dont want to pack around - whatever little thing you need to have with you like money, zils, keys, small water bottles. Each apron is handmade by myself with various fun fabrics, trimmed with bias tapes, ric-rac, buttons, bells, coins or tassles. No two are the same. Each one is a work of art. I was inspired by the Rajasthan women who throw whatever fabrics they have together and create little works of wearable art.

Fire Veils for Belly Dancing

These are just glorious - lengths of silk, dyed in a particular way to reveal themselves during bellydance. In this case, the dyed silk looks like fire rippling around the dancer. It would be absolutely stunning during the performance.

Akaisilks has a variety of different colour combinations available for purchase at their store.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lingon Berry Earrings

Artist Statement: Bright red lingonberries dangle from these cute Swedish-inspired earrings. The berries which have a pearly iridescent appearance, are vintage lucite beads and also very lightweight. All metal components on these earrings are solid sterling. From top to bottom they measure just about 1.75 inches or 45 millimeters.

I Found My Family In a Book

Artist Statement: 'I Found My Family In A Book', 8" x 10" and printed to the edges, no white borders! 300gsm archival quality paper, breathtakingly beautiful satin finish! Sealed neatly in a clear archival bag to keep it in pristine condition!

Whimsical, sometimes joyful, sometimes touching art works by scottish artist Suzanne Woolcott. Im particularly fond of this one at the moment.

Kimono Jacket

Artist Statement: This is from my very latest collection, recently showed at Portland Fashion week. You can see pictures of it on the runway at This design is super architectural yet elegant. The basic shape of this jacket is a rectangle, yet when draped on the body, it takes on a very impressive shape. Sleeves fall to elbow and the collar and lapels give the jacket a sophisticated look. A modern jacket that pairs casually with jeans or leggings, or accompanies more formal attire. Dark grey wool. Fully lined. size medium (though it fits pretty much any frame).

Table Runner

Thirteen inches around, this is a cheery little table decoration made by Kthurm. To make it, she would have begun with a layer of pink wool, then applied the circles of colours and sat there with a special needle and warm water spray, gently piercing and spraying to bind the fabric together.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Artist Statement: Nipomo Sagenite, always has such outstanding inclusions. A now rare Chalcedony, the only source of this amazing gem is under a shopping mall parking lot in Nipomo California. This particular cab has Sagenite inclusions that remind me of marshy wetland areas, with wispy clouds and cattails. Its set in an open backed Sterling Silver bezel to capture that glow, all wrapped in solid 14 karat Yellow Gold, wire, bail, and sunshine dot.

Inspired by Gustav Klimt

Artist Statement: The neckpiece will be featured in the book - 1000 Jewelry Inspirations which should be available in bookstores in April/May. You can get a copy now at Amazon. The cover of the book is shown in the last photo. I crocheted this elaborately constructed necklace with cotton yarns in shades of coral, blue, and gold metallic. Many hours of work went into the design and the creation of this piece. After the crochet work was complete, I appliqued and embroidered parts of the necklace. While the inspiration for this came from the work of the painter Gustav Klimt, the design is my own. It will never be repeated exactly, so you will own the only one - as unique as you are.

Duck Egg Blue and Brown Cushion Cover

Love the fabric on this cushion cover by specialist cushion cover maker, Quiltification. Charlotte's store is based on her 'problem' of being a fabric collector whenever she visits craft shops. Making pillow covers is a great way to use up the excess!

Visit her shop for a range of different styles to fit 16 inch square pillows.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monkey Stitch Markers

Artist Statement: This set of 3 monkey stitch markers was made by hand from polymer clay. The set includes three brown monkeys, including one monkey that is holding a banana. Each stitch marker is completely unique and hand-sculpted by me. These stitch markers measure approximately 18 mm from head to to tail and fit up to size US10 (6.0 mm) needles.

Ever so cute, and available in a range of different animals from rabbits to turtles to forest birds.

Vintage Button Ring

La Dolce Vita Vintage Button Ring by Moon Faces

A large vintage button, mounted on an adjustable base, about an inch and a bit wide. Its a lovely design and a unique accessory for those of us with large hands who need a bit of size to balance things out.

Wrist Warmers

Artist Statement: These are the first spring installment! I have been experimenting with different materials because I love these little tubes and want to be able to wear them year round. The spring version is knit from sport weight, 100% cotton yarn. The knit is fairly loose, so it breathes well and I really think these can be comfortably worn on all but the hottest week of July in Kansas (and maybe even then when you are in one of those dreadfully over-airconditioned buildings).

Don't they look like something out of The Jetsons? Gorgeous, love the tubes. You should also know that they can be ordered in just about any colour combo that you'd like.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Retro Bold Teal Top

Great idea - bold print asymmetrically placed on brown background with pocket by boutique designer, Sumomosu.

two way bag

This clever little red, gold and brown bag can be worn in two different ways - hobo style (hidden straps inside the bag alter the shape) or over the shoulder as shown above. The interior is fully lined, with two pockets and a magnetic clasp.

Glass Pear Sculpture

Love the sensual lines of this nine inch high glass pear by Revo, who does other fruits such as apples and plums.

Artist Statement: Delicious blown glass pear sculptures. Larger than life-sized pears in rich transparent colors. Almost good enough to eat! Signed on bottom. Available in Spring & Summer color options. Be sure to specify which color in the "message to the seller" section.

Sunset Earrings

What a fantastic idea! Use embroidery thread and spiral wire to create beautiful swatches of colour for your ears.

Artist Statement: Hand woven in golden yellow and tipped in coral and black. So beautiful, others can watch the sun set on your lobes Warning!! These earrings are not for the fashionably timid. Measurements: 3.5" long from hook. Weight: Light as a feather!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Violet and Vivian Pendant

Artist Statement: This is Violet and Vivian, one... or two? of the hauntingly beautiful Victorian ladies you may choose to adorn you. Is she woman or ghost? One or two? She is believed to have performed in a traveling carnival as a sideshow attraction. Her mystery remains unsolved... we leave it to you to discover!

She is an original artwork jewelry piece by The Magnificent Miss F, created lovingly by hand in the foggy and mysterious land of San Francisco.

Matryoshka Doll Brown Shoes

Matryoshka Doll Brown Shoes by Hippy of Doom

I just had to put in two images of this adoooorable pair of handpainted shoes so that you could see the details.

Artist Statement: These shoes have a design of 3 Russian dolls on the heel, and matching flower decoration on the toe. The shoes that have been hand painted are brown, with approx 3 inch heels, made from synthetic materials, and decorated with a blanket stitch (not by me!). The shoes also come in a customised box, that features the same design found on the shoes but on the lid. The box also has a photograph of the shoes, to save you wondering what shoes are in which box! The shoes also come with a spare pair of heels.