Friday, March 21, 2008

Petit Pâtisserie

Ooh, so cute! Spanish Etsy store owner, Kup Kup has made one inch felt and bead badge/brooches to go on scarves or clothing. Each one looks like a tiny decorated cake. Very kawaii desu.

Artist Statement: The number of tourists visiting Kup Kup land is increasing constantly, so, Kup Kup and his friends decided to open a small pastry shop in order to offer all kind of sweets and pastry to their visitors. The Sweet Monsters were the first to get involved in the project showing their big desire to contribute in it (actually they have big knowledge on pastry making as many of them have been working previously in renown restaurants). Very soon Kup Kup will present the new project:

"Kup Kup Petit Patisserie"

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