Thursday, March 13, 2008

Owlish Onesie

Owl Onesie, originally uploaded by Acanthus.

One of the crafty things I occupy myself with (in between mama-ing, working, studying, music-making and such) is painting t-shirts. Mostly for kids, though I have been known to do an adult version or two! This particular version was produced for my workmate, who recently left to go on maternity leave.

I use a combination of techniques, using a stencil as a guide, but doing a more realistic fill style, painting in features like feathers and variegated leaves. I might return to the shirts in a later post, featuring one where I use different materials such as novelty yarn and fabric yoyos as embellishments!

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Wendy said...

*loves loves loves*

(I should have left this comment on LJ, so I could use an owl icon). :D