Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hearthstone Phone Charm

OMG OMG OMG I wants it, I does!!!!

*cough* This is a warcraft inspired hearthstone phone charm by Richmond Art that actually glows in the dark. SQUEEEEEE!!! (Did I mention that I play warcraft? Now you know.)

Captain Shakespeare's Boudoir

What a gorgeous pair of chandeleir style earrings from Etsy newcomer, ReinaBellaBoutique. They're absolutely fantastic, show-stoppers, that you would have to wear with a strapless gown or perhaps with a plain crisp white shirt if you have dusky to dark skin to set the colours off.

Three Way Bag

Three Way Tapestry Bag from Handbags by Daphne

This is a very clever little
three way bag by Daphne that can be converted from a backpack (shown above) to a messenger style bag with long strap, to a shoulder purse. Its available in a limited selection of colours (just have a look on the store) in fine italian tapestry fabric.

I love the idea, as it could be used for all sorts of situations, from interviews or formal work events through to riding the bike home after a day at the market.

Renaissance Necklace

Artist Statement: This necklace is made up of antique-finished brass components, Swarovski bicones and teardrops in siam and garnet colours, and one 35x45mm cabochon. The central component of the necklace is a large pendant, created by a flat back filigree stamping which was folded around the cabochon. This aluminum cab depicts a beautiful Renaissance lady, in rich red/white colours. The pendant completes its shape by a Swarovski teardrop wrapped in a seperate filigree component hanging below, resembling a flower or lamp oil. The total height of the pendant from the top of the cameo to the bottom of the crystal is 8cms (3inches).

Aranwen is a jewellery designer from Greece, who loves to pop together unique items (such as the pendant face above) to create historically inspired items.

Nordic Birdies

Artist Statement: This little bird is made and painted by hand by Margrietj. Each piece of one theme is therefore unique and slightly different to one another. The polymer clay pendant is sealed with two coats of gloss varnish, and comes with 40cm long dark green rubber choker.

Nordic Birdies, ftw! UK polyer clay artist's Margrietj's work looks like little pieces of nordic folklore. If that sort of stuff tickles your fancy as much as it does ours, we encourage you to take a look at her store on Etsy.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Embroidered Goblin Coat

Artist Statement:
"Miss Marple" is a unique and handmade Goblin Hood Frock coat made of Prince of Wales fabric with appliquéed black passementerie. The coat is fully lined in navy blue, and has different vintage black buttons. Pockets in the side seams, on each side. 2 slits in the front, and two in the back, as in the other frock coat listed.

What a glorious hooded coat by Malam, a french fashion designer, I absolutely adore it. You can buy this one 'straight off the rack' so to speak in UK size 10 or have one custom made to your size.

Bossy Boot's Scarves

Artist Statement: One of a kind BossyBoots Design CABARET scarves. The CABARET scarves are inspired by my love of English gardens and feather boas. Every scarf is a completely unique hand knit treasure and as such is impossible to duplicate. Employing BossyBoots Design renowned gaudy logic disparate materials are brought together to create an original fashion accessory.Great for a formal night out and equally at home with jeans and a t-shirt or a classic white shirt.

Ahhh, my kind of knitting! Unique, interesting, random and colours blended to perfection. Similar to scrumbling in technique, where you mix up yarns and textures to create a one of a kind item. Bossy Boots has a number of these items, all in different blends of colours from cool to warm shades.

Something Blue

Something Blue, originally uploaded by sarah hornik.

Sarah Hornik is a talented bead maker from Tel Aviv, who originally began her work career as a web designer. Obviously the artistic side of her needed to be expressed because once Sarah discovered making glass beads she quickly developed into a full time artist and gave up web design, two years ago.

Personally, I love the otherworldy feel to her beads. They're quite organic and fluid and she has a great eye for colour blends.

Sarah's work can be found on Etsy, Ebay and collectively on her website, which has a blog.

Song Bird Tags

Artist Statement: The birds are hand cut from a vintage-looking black/cream cardstock and with a wing cut from some vintage sheet music. I've inked around the wing and the bird to add to that vintage feel. I've stitched on a little vintage shell button with cream color floss. The back is plain white.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Antique Jewellery - Three Muses Cameo

Dealer Description: Wow – this huge, finely carved shell cameo measures 3 ¼” x 2 ½”, and will surely become the centerpiece of any cameo collection! Masterfully carved, the three Muses dance merrily among floral ribbons. Framed in 14K yellow gold filigree (looks like little openwork hearts) it is accented with applied, engraved gold leaves and natural, whole pearls. Marked 14K, along with initials that look like “KPS”, it has an early safety clasp and sturdy collapsible bail. The frame and quality of the carving suggest a dating of 1910-1930, may be a hair later however, we just aren’t sure on this one. It weighs a whopping 22.5 dwt (34.9 grams) and is in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks, hairlines or other faults to note.

I don't know why, but Im a big fan of greek mythology based cameos. It could be due to my love of human figure sculpture - the idea of being able to wear a piece of sculpture is too good to pass up. This three muses pieces is just exquisite. There are more photos on the link above to see the piece in fine detail.

Tech Craft: circuit board wallet

Thanks to Zieak and Instructables, here is a great tutorial for making bifold wallets out of the flexible circuit boards from the insides of keyboards! I love this idea, it pushes all my repurposing, recycling, geeky chic buttons. I don't use bifold wallets (too many coins and cards), but I'm tempted to see if I can modify the pattern to something I'd use.

Instructables is one of those places, somewhat like wikipedia, where you can play link-chasey for hours, starting with a How to Make a Lego USB Stick and ending up somewhere like Crocheted Cupcakes. Crafty timesink, that's what!

Thanks, Ren!

Geisha and me

Geisha and me, originally uploaded by chevychic.

Artist's Statement: This is the artwork that I do it is called bunka, and it is japanese needlework..This particular piece is now held in a private collection, it took approx 9 mths to complete. It is 36"x 27" unframed, I think the frame added another 3" all around.

Chevy Chic does incredibly detailed japanese embroidery called "bunka shishu" which began in the 20th Century. Other examples of her work include more modern figures and landscapes.

If you are interested in trying out bunka, take a look at the Tokyo Bunka Art shop, which has a variety of beginner's kits.


There must be some affinity between the shapes and textures produced by crochet, and sealife. We've featured crocheted seacreatures before, and now in jpolka's work I've found a darling collection of teensy crocheted sealife, inspired by the specimens found in wunderkammer (or cabinets of curiosities). Gnarled barnacles, bright red corals, wee dangling octopodes; it's all beautifully organic and microcosmic.

Jpolka's designs can be seen at her blog, in her flickr galleries, or in her etsy store, where she sells patterns and finished objects.

Solitaire - Smoky Topaz Twist Gold-filled Necklace

Solitaire - Smoky Topaz Twist Gold-filled Necklace

Hope that your Easter was a lovely choc-filled one with friends and family. Im still playing with the chocolate theme for the weekend, so here is a beautiful twist cut, faceted dark topaz pendant on a gold chain to consider....mmm, twisty.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ostrich Egg Tea Candle Light

Milky Way Ostrich Egg Tea Light by Jacaranda Style

Artist Statement: Tiny, beautifully hand carved stars decorate half of a natural ostrich egg shell. Especially lovely to behold when candle is lit! Holds one tea light candle. Candle and ebony base included. Makes a beautiful centerpiece for your table and a wonderful gift!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope that you are all neck deep in chocolate and hot cross buns. To celebrate, we'll post a few egg and bunny related themes over the weekend.

Artist Statement: Beautiful berry pink lampwork glass beads with a beautiful and delicate flower design...are nestled between antiqued copper filigree bead caps...all happily dangling from matching antiqued copper French earwires.

Beaded elegance

Pulsera negra oriental, originally uploaded by japaya.

I have fallen in love with Japaya's creative, elegant beaded jewellery. In addition to the simplicity of this bracelet, she does amazing ornate florals, accomplished polymer clay work, and the most incredible painted art as well.

Be sure to check out her galleries at flickr, and if you're a Spanish reader, her blog as well.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Rebecca Werner hand makes art glass beads such as the Purplicious collection above - on sale now at her Etsy store.

Most of her creations are like this one - heavily clustered, single colour with highlight colours and slightly alien looking. They're not necessarily designed to be worn all at once, although you could do that if you wanted to. Lampworkers like Rebecca make the beads so that bead workers can incoprorate the pieces into their work. So you might use one of the beads above in a necklace, or earrings or some other process.

Petit Pâtisserie

Ooh, so cute! Spanish Etsy store owner, Kup Kup has made one inch felt and bead badge/brooches to go on scarves or clothing. Each one looks like a tiny decorated cake. Very kawaii desu.

Artist Statement: The number of tourists visiting Kup Kup land is increasing constantly, so, Kup Kup and his friends decided to open a small pastry shop in order to offer all kind of sweets and pastry to their visitors. The Sweet Monsters were the first to get involved in the project showing their big desire to contribute in it (actually they have big knowledge on pastry making as many of them have been working previously in renown restaurants). Very soon Kup Kup will present the new project:

"Kup Kup Petit Patisserie"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rose Rocker Dress

Peta Pledger is a Melbourne (Australia) designer with some 18 years' experience, making custom outfits influenced by the fifties, tattoos and rockers.

My favourite of her items in her Etsy store is
the dress above - a size 18 (Australia, US 14) fifties dress made with Japanese cotton. It has a matching belt, invisible zipper at the back and is fully lined.

Burgundy Beetle Bracelet

If you would like to wear a South American parasite or two on your arm, then this is definitely the bangle for you. When viewed straight on, the background to these beautiful insects is a lovely burgundy colour. From the side however, the insects can be seen more clearly through the resin.

Kolos Design Studio is a jewellery making collective whose work is sold throughout New York city stores and has been featured in the METS costume exhibition in 2005.

Water Lily Ring

Artist Statement: Art Jeweler Amie Louise Plante creates this whimsical, sculptural and feminine ring from sterling silver and rubies. The ring is slightly adjustable and hugs either side of the finger. The two forms sit beteween three fingers appearing to float on the hand.

Im a fan of the big ring, as I have large bony fingers that need a larger ring to put everything back in proportion. The Water Lily Ring is spectacular. If it had a wee little froggie on one of the pads I'd be even happier.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stem Cell

Artist Statement: This unique, wooly DNA is a one off original. It is made using the finest 100%, pure, soft, Italian wool. The stitching is a dazzling silver and the centre panels are black. It is a long and snakey 108 inches long and 7 inches wide at it's widest point so it can be coiled around your neck many, many times. It's unique curly shape creates lots of lovely layers.

10% of the proceeds from the sale of this scarf will be donated to the Wilderness Society.

Post Post Modern necklace

In a po mo world, what could be more appropriate than a po po mo necklace? Awesome stuff by jewellery designer, Brookadelphia. By the way, if you want a design in any other words, they can make it for you.

Cell Section Necklace

Artist Statement: This is a prototype for a new series of pieces based on cell crossections. This assymmetrical necklace shows 3 layers: a polished (sterling) silver matrix core, a brass middle layer (reclaimed from a hideous clip-on earring!), and a brushed sterling silver outer layer. Measures 1.5" diameter (38mm). Attatched to an oxidized sterling chain (17" plus 1.25" extension).

Apple Salt Shaker

This hand thrown apple salt shaker is not only a lovely piece of work but is an example of clever art.

To fill the shaker, you turn it over and pour the salt into the funnel. When you use it, shake the apple and the salt comes out of the same (unplugged) hole. More photos are on the link at the store.

Our Trip To Cape Canaveral, 1967

Madge and Mabel escape the pressures of family life for an exciting weekend trip to the Kennedy Space Center. Its 1967 and of course, they bring their camera along to take photos. In those days, it was the slides that you displayed, and here they are again .....on limited edition bags!

A brilliant concept, I adore this bag by Red Camper. Each one has a different set of slides, none of them have been duplicated on any of the limited edition bags available.

Baby's First DNA

Kimberly Chapman is possibly the craft-world equivalent of a polymath. Well-known for her original knitting patterns and excellent tutorials, she also makes amazing cakes (have a look at the Discworld cake!), beaded ornaments and all manner of other shiny stuff.

This is one of my favourite projects though, a twisty, squishy DNA plushie for your littlest geek. Try the pattern here, or spend hours poring in open-mouthed amazement through the galleries of this prolific crafter.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Red and Pink and Bugs, Oh My

This is so adorable. I know its meant for a toddler, but quite frankly, if I were in a whimsical mood I would be wearing this type of clip in my hair. Why not, you only live once.

Each clip is completely handsewn, not glued together. If you like the simple modern style shown above, take a look at the other clips in their Etsy store.

Tale of the Chinese Silk Goddess

Heart of Silk - Personal Reliquary Polymer Clay Storybook Necklace

Artist's Statement: For this very special one of a kind necklace, I decided to interpret this legend for myself using polymer clay and real silk moth cocoons from Etsy artist Larkspurfunnyfarm. The central reliquary pendant is made from a mosaic of polymer clay fashioned into the Silk Goddess. Images of Chinese cloth have been transfered onto polymer clay for her sleeves and peek through her layered, textured cocoon-like gown. A 10mm carved bone face is set in sterling silver within a halo of mica infused gold polymer, also set in a larger sterling silver bezel. She is hinged with brass, and opens to reveal an inner chamber housing a hand-dyed cocoon in cranberry red--a color considered sacred and worn only by the Royal Family. A tiny magnetic closure keeps her in place. All polished and sealed with clear acrylic. Below a rustic gold cocoon is suspended on black silk cord. 28 inches of antiqued silver chain finishes, made to slip over your head.

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's day! I thought that to fit in with this day's irish celebration (any excuse for a party, mostly it seems) that we could have an irish themed pretty thing.

This pretty little pendant by photographer and collage artist, Susan Pitts, is a vintage postcard enclosed in glass and soldered around the edges for a clean finish.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Apothecary Earrings

Artist Statement: These earrings are handmade by carefully fuse welding stainless steel into an open cage-like structure. A hand cut disc of oxidized sterling silver acts as a decorative spacer, and a precision, lab grown ruby sphere is suspended between the wires. The cage shape and the earwire are constructed as one solid piece and hang in a pendulum style from the piercing.

Copper and Pearl Dome Earrings

Im a teensy bit obsessed with copper and brass at the moment, so I find that these beautiful copper domes (handcut and beaten into shape) with freshwater peacock pearls and silver balls are just delightful. (Hmm, Im listening to a Stephen Fry podcast at the moment, and I think I've sucked down his language style.)

Timeless Bloom

Some very good wire work on this necklace by Julida. Its more intricate than first appears to the eyes with a great deal of hammering, twisted wire and shaping going on to create the pendant. The gems are malachite and the white beads are freshwater pearls.

Blue stranded felt necklace

Artist's Statement: For this necklace I hand felted 7 cords of different shades of blue, lavender, mint and calypso color merino wool. On the back of the necklace I handfelted all the strands together onto a single strand which is very sturdy.

Loved this necklace because the colours are tranquil and the style is simple but very effective.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Custom Felt Mobile

Choose your preferred colours and have a custom felt mobile created for you by Lupin.

Artist's Description: Your mobile will be made from 160 pieces of felt, cut by hand and lovingly handstitched into 16 layered discs. The discs are suspended from 4 strands of ribbon (looped at the top for hanging, see final photo), with the same "pattern" on both sides so you get the same colours whichever way the breeze spins them, and each disc will be very approx two and a half to three inches high (6 - 7.5 cm).

This has been one of my favourite items on Etsy for a long time. I love the combination of colours, the shapes and the idea of having these floating in a corner or above a crib somewhere. Just delish!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crafty snaps

Finger cuff, originally uploaded by whooz_queen.

Not all of us are as adept at taking striking, beautiful, illustrative shots of our work as whoozqueen. I've aptly illustrated that point with some very ordinary shots of my own work on this blog!

However, a helpful reader forwarded me this article. It's text-heavy, but contains some very useful tips for the amateur craft photographer on setting up your work, backgrounds, framing and cropping.

Thanks to pyrrha_17!

Medallion of Vanadis

Medallion of Vanadis, originally uploaded by smilingsoul.

Artist's Statement: My imagination once again turns to the visions of springtime. My daydreams lead me to create this intricately detailed pendant. It seems so fitting that it should be named for Vanadis. She is the Scandanavian Goddess of abundance, desire, love, fertility and spring.

I love the femininity and strength embodied in this piece. An intricate, curvy mandala embodied in the most resiliant and durable materials. Just beautiful. See smilingsoul's etsy store for more Springish designs with a faintly industrial revolution flavour.

Owlish Onesie

Owl Onesie, originally uploaded by Acanthus.

One of the crafty things I occupy myself with (in between mama-ing, working, studying, music-making and such) is painting t-shirts. Mostly for kids, though I have been known to do an adult version or two! This particular version was produced for my workmate, who recently left to go on maternity leave.

I use a combination of techniques, using a stencil as a guide, but doing a more realistic fill style, painting in features like feathers and variegated leaves. I might return to the shirts in a later post, featuring one where I use different materials such as novelty yarn and fabric yoyos as embellishments!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pomegranate Pendant

Artist's Statement: Succulent red almandine garnets are bursting out of this organically shaped pendant. This handformed piece is made from argentium silver. The outside of the pendant has been given a dark patina, the inner surface has been left smooth and reflective. The stones are on sterling wire and move freely within the pendant.

Laptop bag in cherry blossom fabric

Janine King has a range of padded laptop bags that look more like ordinary totes than clunky office goods.

Description: Special closed cell foam padding provides excellent bump and scratch protection and is also waterproof. Heavy duty interfacing is sewn at bag top to reinforce straps. Bag holds up to 18 pounds! Exterior fabrics treated to resist moisture and stains. Gorgeous Asian cherry blossom pattern (on back too). Heavy cotton with linenweave texture. Colors include vibrant orangey-red, pink, coral, black and brown against buttercream ivory ground. Solid black accent on front above zipper. Black straps, zippers and lining.

Sea Urchin Ring

The story behind this ring is that it started out as a found object on a beach in Turkey, where the artist and her co-worker/daughter live. They moved to Turkey (a favourite holiday spot) after the mother had an accident which stopped her working as a civil engineer in the Netherlands. Now their jewellery work supports their modest lifestyle in the warmer, more comfortable climate.

Feminism Loves (Insert Your Name Here)

For your next feminist event or celebration, or perhaps to stimulate discussion in your everyday life, consider one of these embroidered badges from Artful Artsy Amy! The embroidery can be changed from Feminism Loves You to whatever name you'd like to have on the badge.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Roman Wick Pendant

This silver pendant is amazing - its a working wick pendant, based on the Roman style of oil based candle. You fill up the little pot, hang it from the stand shown above and light the end. Voila, a little flame for five or ten minutes. Of course, don't wear the pendant when its aflame...or you just might go up as well.

Tatoo Leather and Silver Earrings

Laser cut, hardened black leather earrings with silver findings by Janine Golbert. The design is based on tattoo shapes that Golbert has seen, and although I think the silver caps are a little clunky, the leather shape itself is very pleasing on the eye. Great item for a strapless dress. Actually, with a more refined finish, these would be wonderful wedding earrings.

The Tea

Artist's Statement: "Thé" (tea) is a simple little illustration, to spread my love for Tea! Picture measures 7" x 7" on 11" × 8,5" paper. The image is centered on the paper leaving a white border for framing.

A beautiful little drawing, bold and luscious. I love the way she stares at the viewer of the painting, and the tea leaves float around her.

Blue Eye Neckpiece

Artist's Statement: Barbie was immensely important in fueling my creative life as a child, and ironically continues to be such for me as an adult. I am inspired, terrified and fascinated, first and foremost by humans. I'm drawn to patterns and repetition in all forms.

My "Plastic Body Series" jewelry stems from my desire to re-purpose materials in combination with metals, resulting in the transformation of a mass-produced iconic object into wearable art. I received my BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and have been creating work in this series for over seven years.


In the geek cult movie, Office Space, a very strange man by the name of Milton dealt with his marginalisation within his office by hanging onto the one thing he truly cared about - his red stapler.

If you're a fan of the film, this t-shirt from ThinkGeek with its stapler and simple "Mine." will really rock your socks. The stapler became so popular in geek culture after the movie was released that Swingline made the product a reality, instead of just a prop.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Real Octopus Earrings

Artist's Statement: These are Real Octopus Tentacles cast in Sterling Silver! You can really see the details of the suction cups too! Heavy posts and large backs were added to support the earring. The earrings have good weight to them so they are not for sensitive ears. I do have smaller earrings, unmatched sets and pendants so please check back. Great for guys or gals!