Saturday, February 23, 2008

Trashion dress made from ties and a secondhand corset

Artist Statement: Trashion dress made from ties and a secondhand corset. The top part of my dress will look something like this. I´m making this dress for my first real fashionshow. The theme of this show is "Paradise birds". My dress is supposed to be the peacock...

Outsapop is a Finnish fashion blogger who loves to recycle material to make new clothing.

I only wish that I had the figure to be able to wear something like this. The dress is so deliciously steampunky. Im already constructing ideas in my head about cogs and watch parts to create some kind of bracelet or hat accessory to go with this item.

I hope that as the craft revolution evolves, wearing clothing like this becomes more and more popular. Couture fashion for normal people - that's the promise of the Craft Revolution.

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