Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Panel overskirt

Panel overskirt, originally uploaded by Acanthus.

So, I was in Ikea the other day with some friends, and as we're walking through the fabrics section, I spy some pre-hemmed rolls of narrow fabric intended for table-runners, panel curtains, that kind of thing.

"Hey guys, wouldn't that make an awesome skirt?"
"Yes. Yes it would. DO IT."

So, compelled by peer pressure, I did. This is seriously easy stuff, people. It's just two equal lengths (the photo above doesn't show it, but there is an identical flap/panel at the back) of the fabric, zig-zagged and then hemmed at each end. I attached a strip of wide black elastic at the top on one side, and a piece of black hook and loop on the other. Literally 5 minutes at the sewing machine.

It goes beautifully over fold-top skirts and pants (as seen in the photo). It's adjustable to fit sizes between about an Australian 10-18, and could be modified to fit in either direction. I get comments from strangers, who look a little taken aback when I say "Thanks! It's a table-runner." I might need to work on my promo skills, there.

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