Monday, February 25, 2008

Let Them Drink Tea

"Let Them Drink Tea"
by Angela Bright
Model: Esme Boyce
Photographer: Emily Cooper

Best in Show Award
Pacific Coast Terminals Recycled Material Award
Wearable Art Awards
Port Moody Arts Centre 2007

We discovered this glorious photo of Angela Bright's beautiful wearable, recycled material dress entitled Let Them Drink Tea on the weekend and thought it would be interesting to find out more. Angela kindly agreed to have a chat about her work and inspirations.....

Oohsome asks...So, how did you come up with the idea for the dress? -

"I like to enter the recycling category hence the used tea bags and coffee filters. Part of it is coming up with something I collect enough of, that is easy to work with, then I was trying to think of a design with stage presence. Last year I made a rather bland dress out of nylons which practically disappeared on stage."

(I) started saving tea bags and coffee filters (in) Sept 2006, started sewing in Jan of 2007 but it was the odd day here and there - ended up bashing it out the two weekends before it had to go to the gallery July 2007.

I work as a costume designer for film and theatre - most of the time it isn't very creative and designs are controlled by scripts. These days you spend more time in malls then fabric stores. The wearable art awards are a fun way for me to do whatever wacky thing I want.

I'm working on this year's dress now - I have two ideas and they are both not getting the attention they deserve. I'll probably end up doing them the weekend before AGAIN! I don't know if they can top the tea bags. I really want more people to enter. The more people, the better the competition, the better the show!!!"

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