Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Collaborative Multimedia

"Jamming", originally uploaded by whooz_queen.

I'm really quite intrigued by Aviary, a kind of Swiss Army knife of online multimedia applications.

They're still in pre-release/beta testing mode, but when launched, the site promises a suite of web-based applications (RIAs) for people who create. From image editing to typography to music to 3D to video, we have a tool for artists of all genres. - from

You can track the development of the applications on their blog, follow the links from the front page to sign up for early adoption/beta testing, or just check out the list of potential tools. There are apps for image editing, 3D modelling, sound/music mixing, desktop publishing and creative writing, each of which communicates and relates with the others. I particularly like the look of Peacock, a pattern generation tool that allows the user to run background textures and designs through various filters to any degree of simplicity or complexity. Very cool.


lauredhel said...

Heh! I took one look at the picture, and thought "I'd pretty sure that's the Berry Farm cafe."

Clicked through, and sure enough...

Wendy said...

Thanks for the Aviart link! I've signed up to give it a try when it's released.

Also, I loved that photo. New Holland Honeyeaters? Is that what they're called? Oh, I envy you your lovely birds in Australia. :)

I'm really enjoying this community, btw. It's so much fun to see all the cool stuff the two of you are finding.