Saturday, February 23, 2008

Buttons Galore

Buttons Galore, originally uploaded by whooz_queen.

Here's a simple pair of earrings that I made about a month ago, using same width buttons in a variety of colours along the cool spectrum.

Initially I was going to use wire to suspend the buttons on the hooks, but I found that a little awkward. Instead, I chose silver elastic, threading up through one hole and back down through the other. Tied off underneath the last button, snipping the elastic close to the knot.

It works because although the colours are different, the buttons are the same size. Length is about five cms (two inches) and width about one cm (half an inch). They're not heavy at all, very comfortable to wear and I get a lot of positive comments about them every time I wear these earrings.

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Jen said...

these are awesome,
you always have such fabulous craft ideas!j102e312